Social Worker

Our Social Worker, Joe Waldon, has been a member of the Skinner family since August of 2007. He plays an integral part in our Support Staff and provides students, parents, staff and community members with assistance and resources during times of emotional, mental, medical and financial hardship. Click here to view a DPS Features Video of Mr. Waldon in action.

Mr. Waldon, along with Skinner’s Social Work Interns, collaborates with outside agencies to offer various groups addressing emotional concerns that affect students’ academic and social functioning at school. These can include:

Anger Management
Decision Making
Grief and Loss
SOS (Signs of Suicide)
Why Try? (Life Skills)

In addition, the Social Worker often addresses the following concerns:

Students habitually arriving late to school
Mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, school phobia, and anger/impulse control issues.
Suicide prevention/intervention
Threat Assessments
Social/emotional issues arising out of the family environment
Attendance concerns
Financial hardship issues around basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter
Behavioral issues that may be stemming from issues away from school and that don’t warrant a discipline referral, or as a step before a discipline referral