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Office Staff


Name Title Department Email
Ryan Allen 7th Social Studies Teachers
Haley Amichaux M/M Spec Ed Teachers
Jamie Brnilovich 6th Language Arts Teachers
Ryan Cronshaw 8th Math/High School Math Teachers
Joshua Duran 7th/8th Social Studies Teachers
Heather Filyk 8th Grade Science Teachers
Jessica Frahm 8th Language Arts Teachers
Becca Glosser GT Teacher Teachers
Matthew Graeve Core + / Woodshop Teachers
Matthew Halverstadt Core + / Family & Consumer Science Teachers
Erin Hill 6th Language Arts Teachers
Jennifer Jones Core + /Instrumental Music Teachers
Volinsky Joshua 7th Grade Science Teachers
Robert Kelly Core + / Physical Ed Teachers
Jamie Kitchen SpEd MI Teachers
Mikaela Larson 6th Grade Math Teachers
Meghan Law 6th Social Studies Teachers
Allie Long 7th Language Arts Teachers
Gabriella Lopez YESS Mentoring Teachers
Christopher Martin 6th Science Teachers
Janelle May SpEd M/M Teachers
Aimee McAdams 6th Language Arts Teachers
Mia McLellan 8th Grade Language Arts Teachers
Renee Medina 6th Grade Math Teachers
Samantha Mendez 7th/8th Grade Science Teacher Teachers
Karin Mendoza SpEd Teacher Teachers
Kassie Montoya 8th Social Studies Teachers
Mary Overton Spanish Teacher Teachers
Aisha Ramirez 7th Math Teachers
Meghan Rein 6th Grade Social Studies Teachers
Julia Robinson ELD/Creative Writing Teachers
Maria Rodriguez Core + / Spanish Teachers
Ashley Schwartz 7th Grade Math Teacher Teachers
Shawna Sella SpEd Literacy Teachers
Krista Shoufer Core + / Visual Art Teachers
Wyatt Smart SpEd Teacher Teachers
Joey Smith 8th Math Teachers
Jamie Smith Core+ / STEAM Teacher Teachers
Carlene Wickens 6th Grade Science Teachers

Support Staff


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Name Title Department Email
Darla Lane Cafeteria Manager Lunchroom


Name Title Department Email
Rebecca Caldwell Marketing / Communications Marketing


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