Expectations and Culture


Here at Skinner, the expectations are high! Below are several ways that we keep our students accountable for learning. Please click here to view the Skinner Family Contract. The Family Contract contains a thorough explanation of Skinner’s expectations around dress code, attendance, daily routines, electronics rules, and much more. Please click here to learn more about Denver Public School’s policies around student conduct and protocols regarding student discipline.

Learning Families

Every student meets daily with their “Learning Family” of approximately fifteen students in the same grade and is mentored by a staff member. The mentor monitors progress, helps develop supportive learning relationships and teaches organizational skills.

Dress Code

The Skinner dress code promotes safety, making it easy for school staff to see who belongs in the building and who does not. It also serves as a reminder that we are at school with a job to do and minimizes distractions with clothing as well as builds Skinner pride. Please click here to review dress code specifics found in the Skinner Family Contract.

Skinner club and team t-shirts are permitted on Wednesdays and college t-shirts are allowed on Fridays. We often plan “Broncos Gear” Fridays during football season. Additionally, student leadership plan spirit weeks usually twice per semester with fun theme dress days like “twin day” and “sports day”. As stated in students’ agenda, students must follow the Denver Public Schools dress code on “DPS Dress Code” Days (monthly). Click here to review the DPS dress code.

The Five B’s

All Skinner students and staff adhere to the 5 B’s as they are the foundation of a healthy school community. The 5 B’s represent our core values. All Skinner Scholars are expected to follow the 5 B’s to ensure our learning environment is a place where everyone feels safe, welcome, and happy. The 5 B’s also help us make choices that lead to personal and academic success. In order to reach our goals as a school and as individual scholars, we live and love the 5 B’s each and every day!

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Positive
  • Be Peaceful
  • Be Team-Oriented

CIA: Caught in the Act

When students follow the 5 B’s, they will find academic and personal success – and we want to celebrate that! Every day, we will recognize students who are demonstrating the five B’s, the characteristics of successful learners, or significant improvement by awarding them a CIA, or “Caught In the Act.” At the end of each week, Ms. Koyama announces one CIA winner (drawn randomly from a box of submitted CIAs) from the 6th grade and awards that student a special prize!

Family Meetings

Teachers will present formal awards at monthly Grade-Level Family Meetings in several categories, including:

  • Outstanding academics
  • Outstanding improvement
  • Outstanding citizenship (awarded by each learning family mentor)

Office Hours

Office Hours are designed to assist students who have not completed their homework, have failed to participate in class work/activities, or have not made up work after an absence. The purpose of the program is to provide students the time and teacher resources to complete their work and move toward proficiency and/or academic accountability in the given subject area. If a student is assigned an Office Hours session, he/she is not in trouble; Office Hours sessions are designed to help students improve their academic standing.

In addition to these formal Office Hours sessions, teachers may schedule individual or small group Office Hours sessions with students after school. If a teacher assigns a student Office Hours, he or she is required to attend. Failure to attend a required Office Hours session will result in further action in accordance with Skinner Middle School’s Prevention & Intervention Manual. Students are encouraged to attend Office Hours sessions on a voluntary basis to get extra help and practice.

TAP: Tardies Aren’t Permitted

School starts at 7:35. Students should be in their seats, in their first period class, and ready for instruction at this time. Students who arrive late to school must report to the main office to obtain a pass. Students must go directly to their Learning Family and present the tardy pass to their Learning Family Mentor.

If a student is late arriving to school, he/she may be assigned to attend a TAP session that same afternoon. TAP takes place from 2:50 – 3:30 PM. Students who demonstrate a pattern of arriving to school late will be referred to a counselor to address the issue.

Students who are late to any other class will be marked tardy in the electronic attendance system. Repeated tardies are treated as a disciplinary infraction and may result in further action in accordance with Skinner Middle School’s Prevention & Intervention Manual.

8th Grade Continuation Expectations