Skinner Collaborative School Committee

Please see below for meeting minutes from monthly Collaborative School Committee meeting.

CSC Meeting Notes  Skinner Middle School – 2016-2017

Date: February 6, 2017        

 Time: 5:00pm

Submitted / Approved (date)

Meeting Location: LMC

February 6, 2017


Budget Updates

-Budgetary funds got all positions covered for next year.

Math Fellow dollars:  still deciding…

-if MF →  support allocated to math only

-if City Year → support allocated into math and literacy (could help support loss of lit. skills)

– Budget is based on 600 students for next year

-losing ~67K next year with loss of Title I, which is the other half of what we lost this year.  To make up this loss, between carry forward we could cover with → ~$58 per kid if provided by families


Fundraising Ideas – unified effort from PTO & CSC

-target areas we have historically drawn kids from?

-Poker Night, Totally Tennyson, Home Tours – match with PTO funds?

-be proactive & notify families of what/when in terms of fundraising

-add check (minimum of $60? – half each semester?          ) to school supply list (to cover supplies)

-separate ask for donations of a “capital campaign” to message differently than fundraising events

-table at registration (5/6 & 5/20 potential days) to educate families on fundraising opportunities → attach some sort of giveaway (if donate on the spot, entered in raffle)

-table at Fall Festival


Next Meeting: March 6, 2017


Date: January 23, 2017                  Time: 5:00pm

Submitted / Approved (date)

Meeting Location: LMC



MyTech 1:1 Initiative

-Made it through 1st phase,l onto 2nd

-present to panel late March

-if granted, will begin Fall 2017 (3 year grant)

-Parent concerns/excitements/questions about 1:1:

-liability for damaged technology on family?

-filters for internet searches?

-capacity to charge all devices in building, access internet?

-logistics around carrying case, chargers?

+access to technology to meet all expectations set at school

+increased learning opportunities for having access continuously

→ would prefer all students receive access to 1:1 year one opposed to rolling it out with 6th graders first

→ Lake – Skinner – North feeder system with 1:1 structure to strengthen proposal

NAEP Involvement (National Assessment of Educational Progress)

-for 8th grade families → informational letter out 1/24

-7th graders also involved in this program

-Skinner selected for this program



-new to budget: Direct Certification Supp Funds – ~$12k ($80/student)

-Title I Changes

Skinner FRL ‘17-’18 → 59.57% (cut off to receive funding – 60%)

-Budget costs review

-Math Fellows (MF) vs. City Year (CY)?

-have $74,409 which is equivalent to 3 MF


-12,500/CY fellow → need minimum of 8 in addition to coordinator so could use budget reserves to pay

the difference
Next Meeting Date: February 6, 2017

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