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2014 TCAP Scores and SPF News

For the 4th year in a row, Skinner received a Green or “Meets Expectations” rating in the DPS 2014 School Performance Framework (SPF) rating system.  The SPF is a comprehensive annual review of a school’s performance and its impact on student learning.  The SPF takes two years of data into account as well as multiple measures including:  student achievement, student growth, parent satisfaction and student engagement, reenrollment and retention.

Transitional Colorado Achievement Program (TCAP) testing occurs in the spring and is the State of Colorado accountability system.  The data below references achievements of Skinner’s 2013-14 student body.

  • Skinner’s 6th grade math median growth percentile posted at 73 (over 70 for 3rd year in a row)
  • Skinner’s 7th grade math median growth percentile posted at 71 (over 70 for 3rd year in a row)
  • Skinner has posted an increase in the percentage of students proficient in math since 2010
  • Skinner has posted an increase in the percentage of students proficient in reading since 2010
  • English Language Learners increased in reading proficiency by 6%
  • Students receiving Special Ed services in math posted a high median growth of 67 percentile
  • 8th grade posted a 5% increase in proficient in writing

“We are laser-focused on helping all kids succeed academically,” said Principal Michelle Koyama. “Whether it’s pushing proficient kids to the advanced level or supporting struggling students so they can attain grade level proficiency, our teachers are making it happen every single day.”

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