ACCESS Program

ACCESS (Administration of College & Career Exploration for Skinner Students)


The purpose of the ACCESS program is to engage Skinner students to actively think about their future plans. Through guided, hands-on learning, students will research, engage, and reflect on potential careers in the fields of Science, Technology, Art, Business, and Social Justice. Each Friday, instructors will lead an after school program to help enrolled students form a future vision, while confronting relevant teen/pre-teen issues. Consistently visiting local businesses and recruiting community leaders as speakers will enable students to refine their personal portfolios and individual learning plans. The student portfolios are created through Naviance, a program utilized by all Denver Public High Schools, ensuring shared goals and information to feeder high schools regarding high school readiness and post-secondary exposure.

In addition to the after school component, students in Northwest Denver will have the opportunity to apply to several summer camps at local colleges and universities in 2018. With access to high-level instruction and technology, the camps provide invaluable learning and combat negative consequences of Summer Slide.


Students must apply to this program with assistance from a parent/guardian. Enrolled students must attend all Friday sessions, and any other planned weekend events/activities. While having fun and eating well are staples of the program, each student must work diligently and collaboratively with staff and peers.

Staff must work with one another to develop structured, innovative, and FUN lessons plans each week. Each instructor of the NWDNC will undergo a background check and all adults in contact with students will interact with them in a professional, positive manner.

Each staff member has a unique career trajectory and will provide invaluable insight to multiple career pathways. In addition to core staff, we aim to add several collegiate advisors to strengthen student relationships, assist with recruitment, and apply college curriculum to introductory middle school activities.

For more information, contact:
Nicolas Aragon