Words from our Scholars about our Staff 2015-2016

Late Spring of 2016, Skinner students were asked to write a few things about our school’s teachers and staff.  Please read below for comments about ALL of our our teachers and staff members (in alpha order). It’s long but worth the read. Touching, grateful, loving, sweet and hilarious. We love our students as much as they love us!

Joey Ahern – The thing I appreciate about him is that he is fun and I can always talk to him about sports or anything.  He helps me understand the mistakes I make in math.  He works hard to connect with us as people. I’m not in his class but he still helps me.  He encourages me to do better and achieve my goals. He is strict and knows how to stay on task but still have fun.  He is always kind.  He makes learning fun.  He is very helpful and he wants what is best for his students.  He is always willing to help us even if he is busy.  He is such an amazing teacher.  He has a great positive spirit.  He is very understanding.  He keeps his class under control and works hard to develop a good relationship with all of his students.  He helped me improve in math.


Kelsey Andersen – The thing I appreciate about him is that he makes me feel like I can accomplish anything.  He is always pushing people to do their work and teaches us new things.  He is nice and responsible.  He makes learning fun and the topic understandable.  He is able to see both sides of an argument.  He is very passionate about making sure that everyone is making progress and passes.  He really taught me a lot about STEM and now I want to be an electrical engineer.  He helps us out on all our projects.


Rhea Lynn Anderson – The thing I appreciate about her is that she always corrects me if I’m wrong on my work and she always pushes me to do my possible best and if I don’t she gets me on track.  She really cares.  She always get right down to work and is always prepared and she gets right back on track even when there is misbehavior in her class. She makes learning fun and interesting and is always doing something new to enrich our minds.  She helps me in everything and is kind and sweet.  She helped me with my homework by meeting with me after school.  She took me in to live with her. She helped me with my Chocolate essay. She works hard to help me learn.  She pushes me to do well and opens up new opportunities for me.  She makes Social Studies interesting and her class is always enjoyable.  She is very creative and she cares about what her students feel.   She also likes to get her students out of their comfort zone.  She is playful but strict and when you don’t understand something she will explain it until you get it.  She can deal with full classes while still staying positive. She pushes me to do my best and because of this my grades have improved since sixth grade. She is the best Learning Family teacher ever.  She is always wanting the best from students.  Some teachers don’t really care but Ms. Anderson is always pushing everyone to greatness.  She makes sure you finish your work.


Nico Aragon – The thing I appreciate about him is that he helped me call my brother.  He is very nice. He always smiles and is always willing to help you.


Brent Ausink –  The thing I appreciate about him is that he helps me when I don’t understand or when I just need the extra help. He helps me when I get upset.


Erin Bailey – The Thing I appreciate about her is that her class is fun and she makes it interesting.  She is always smiling and greets people when they first walk in the door and this leads her classroom “vibe” in a good direction. Under the tough exterior she is a great teacher with a warm heart and a passion for teaching us in such a great way.  She is always nice and happy about whatever she does and she uses her own money to buy us a treat at lunchtime. She motivates me to continue on with my learning. She has helped me grow in my reading and writing skills. She works really hard and always helps when a student is missing work.  She checks in and makes sure everything is okay and you are on track.  She keeps all of her students on track and sometimes we do fun brain breaks which we don’t do in other classes.  She has an interesting class that is never boring.  We read good books that are very thought provoking.   She always pushes me to make my writing better.  She helps me when I don’t understand.  She makes the most out of each class and she makes sure we get our work done.  She only accepts quality work.


Brian Baker – The thing I appreciate about him is that he helps me understand social studies and get my work done.  He helps me with Harry Potter.

Nate Bond – The thing I appreciate about him is that he is quite a character.  He’s funny and his class is never boring.  He makes science awesome no matter what we are studying. He is always encouraging us to do our best.  He always has a smile and is always in a good mood.  He is enthusiastic and always welcomes us into class with a smile.  He makes the topics fun.  He is also very respectful of the students.  He makes science fun and simple to learn.  He’s a great cross country coach.  He is always very caring and if I need to talk to him I can always go to him.  He makes me correct my wrong answers and pushes me to do better.  He explains why something is the answer.  He is strict on rules and he always pushes me to try to do better.


Nate Braden – The thing I appreciate about him is that he has a fun class which makes me always look forward to going to his class.


Kelly Breen – The thing I appreciate about her is that she helps me with my reading.  Every morning we read for 20 minutes and all of that reading has really helped me improve.  I know more words now because of Ms. Breen.  She is always nice, even on her “rough” days.  She lends a helping hand when one is needed.  She always knows how to get the class back on track.  She is always in a good mood.  Even when her Learning Family is bad she still loves us.  She helps me understand the words I don’t understand.  She helps us get back on track with our reading scores.  She is always there for me and is always on me to get my work turned in.  Ms. Breen’s class is my favorite class.


Alex Bruce– The thing I appreciate about him is that he is funny and helpful.  He is nice and happy.  He always helps me on my work and he makes me smile every day.


Lisa Buffington – The thing I appreciate about her is that she always tries to connect with her students.  She is helpful, caring and respectful when some students are not being respectful.  She makes sure that he students are safe.  She helps me with speech and I can tell she likes me.  She helps on my work with speech.  She always talks to me and helps me reach my goals.  She is super nice and friendly.  She is very sweet and kind.  She always brightens my day and makes me like Skinner more and more.  She respects the school rules and ensure that everyone knows what they are doing and if they are doing it correctly.  She helps my writing and my talking.  She is fun.  She helped me get my speech right and she cared for me when no one else did.


Cafeteria Staff – The thing I appreciate about the cafeteria staff is that they are always really nice to us and they give us food that is good. We don’t say thank you and they are still nice to us.  They always ask us what we would like and if they don’t have it they tell us respectfully that they don’t have it.  They come on cold days to make warm and hot food for us to eat. They make and give food to us every day.  They are super nice even when we are being really rude.


Rebecca Caldwell – The thing I appreciate about her is she gets all the news out about Skinner.  She helps organize events for parents to help get Skinner resources.  She always has a smile and organizes the tours for 5th graders to want to choose Skinner.


Elaine Casey – The thing I appreciate about her is that she helps me with my computer and she is nice to me.  She is nice and helps everyone with their work.


Renee Cesario – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Cesario is that she helps me with my medicine.  She helps me when I am not feeling good.  She tries to see what is wrong with me and help me get better.


Ivonne Chavira – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Chavira is that she has a problem solved almost before anyone knows it’s a problem.  She translates for our parents who speak Spanish.  She is fast and efficient. When she says she is going to do something. It gets done and done right.  She holds the school together and she’s fun!


Charlotte Cotter – The thing I appreciate about her is that she is very helpful when I need to talk and she helps me get my anger out and makes sure I am okay. She helps me with my grief since the problem happened.


Karen Cotta – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Cotta is that she helps me find other ways to think about things.   She has pushed me to believe in myself.  She is always there for me and has helped me to be more organized.  She is an awesome social worker.  She will be there for anyone and is respectful.  She is nice and comforting.  She has helped me a long way.


Erin Cummings – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Cummings is that she provides extra help and takes extra time out of her own time to help us. She makes learning fun and jokes with us.   She does a lot for us to learn science.  She makes class fun with all of the activities like the penny lab and she knows how to handle discipline in a way that doesn’t distract the other students.  She is very good at teaching.  She also talks to us about non-school related things and that is always really fun.  She is super funny.  She helps you fix your mistakes when you have one.   She always notices when I am feeling down and helped me to come up with solutions to improve my self-esteem. She only accepts the best from us.  Over the year she has managed to make her classes so fun that I didn’t even realize I was learning until I got 100% on my test.  She always helps us learn about real world situations.  She cares about and helps everyone.  She is an outstanding teacher and person.  She has made science one of my favorite classes.  She makes sure we are on track and getting work done.  If we start to fall behind she makes it a priority to get us back on track.  She makes Learning Family fun.   I love her smile.  She helps me a lot and she is nice.


Valerie Davis – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Davis is that she has created in-school and out-of-school opportunities for me to be challenged.  She is always in a good mood and helps me out no matter what.  She supports whatever I do.  She makes sure we are okay and she is really kind.  I love the way she laughs.  She can be patient and can help with any issue.  She keeps on top of things but likes to have fun.  She makes learning fun and interesting by taking us to cool places that enrich our learning.  She helps out in honors science a lot.  She helped me learn a lot that I would not have known by taking me to GESTEM.  It was an unforgettable experience.  She has a strict sense of humor that shows her personality.


Craig Dehning – The thing I appreciate about Mr. Dehning is that he didn’t lose anyone on the Washington DC trip.  He has a huge sense of humor. (I wish he wouldn’t retire so I could come and visit.)  He spent time away from his responsibilities and family in order to take us to DC. (Without him we would not have been able to experience that part of our country.)  He is so LOUD in the mornings!  It definitely wakes me up.  He is strict and he is committed.  He keeps everyone’s spirits up.  He is legit because he is funny and teaches us a lot.  (I love when he tells us stories about when he was young.)  He is funny and committed to making sure that the job gets done.  He is an acquired taste but I always have fun arguing with him.  I also like listening to his wild stories about his numerous travels.  He is always caring about us.  Not only that but he has never been doubtful and can be trusted.  He is strange and funny and witty.  He’s an icon of the 8th grade experience at Skinner and I’m sorry to all those in-coming  8th graders who don’t get a LOUD GOOD MORNING STUDENTS!  Every class is fun.


Katie Doone – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Doone is that she is a really nice person who will always be there for me when it comes to school or personal problems.  I can depend on her.  She is always weird and spontaneous which shows me not to care about what others think of me.  She is the funnies and most helpful teacher I know.  She is the teacher that makes my day happier and I look forward to her class every day.  She helps me think of new ways to do math.  She shows us she cares and want us to succeed.  If it wasn’t for her I probably wouldn’t be eligible and know as much math as I do now. She really helped me understand math. She is always in a good mood.  She motivates me to get my work done.  She cares about us even when we misbehave.


Jamie Duggan – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Duggan is that she is always on the move, is very organized and has a very nice style to her room.  She is always nice and never in a bad mood.  She makes Language Arts fun.  It is always a fun class.  She interacts with all the students.  She shares stories and brings a good attitude.  She has fun and enjoyable ways of teaching.  My writing skills have improved so much this year because of her.  She is thoughtful and happy even in the hardest times.  She has a strong personality and is a great teacher.  She helps me learn in cool ways.  She makes learning easier and funs.  She shows us new things every day to make our writing better.  She treats us like we are in sixth grade and not babies.


She is the best Language Arts teacher I have ever had.  She has improved my skills and she has made Language Arts one of my favorite subjects.  She expects us to be our best.  She has significantly improved my language arts skill by showing me better ways to format my writing and improving my vocabulary.  She gives us constructive feedback and helps us learn. She makes sure her students learn in creative ways.  She has a lot of energy and pushes her students to work hard.  She really understands her students’ thoughts and feelings.  She knows how to joke around but be a teacher at the same time.  She helps everyone when they don’t understand.  She has everyone follow the 5 Bs.  She understands what we might be going through.  She makes me laugh all the time.  Every day when I walk into her class she gives me a good morning greeting.  She knew what we were reading was too easy for me so she gave me a challenge.  She gives us fun assignments to write.  She is always joyful in class and brings good vibes in the classroom.  She is an amazing cheer coach.


She was there for me when I was in a situation and now my situation is better because she told me to talk to my mom and now my life and things with my mom are a lot better.  She creates a good, playful relationship with her students which makes Language Arts fun. She connects our readings to the real world.  She respects all of her students and helps them learn in the most fun way possible.  She gives each kid a creative mindset and makes everyone love Language Arts.  She helps me love learning.  She makes sure I get caught up and makes sure I stay focused.  She is fun in Learning Family and is always optimistic.  She cares about anyone no matter what.  She always wants the best for me and only wants the best work from me because she believes in me.  She is very inspiring and filled with creativity.  She gives us challenging responsibilities toward learning.   I look forward to her class every day.  Ms. Duggan never gives up on you and she engages with all of her students.   Ms. Duggan is always putting up with me and I would like to say “thank-you.”


James Duran – The thing I appreciate about Mr. Duran is that even though he doesn’t know me, he always says hi to me when he sees me in the hallway.  He is fun and believes in you all the time and he pushes you to do your best.  He is super caring about everyone.  He is really funny.  He is always talking about safety in the woodshop.  He is helpful in Learning Family.  He helped me to understand inches and centimeters.  He is fun to be around.  He is nice to his students when they mess up in class.  He is a tough worker and always pushes you to succeed more than you already have.  He makes sure you are positive to yourself.  He is really patient and will make it feel comfortable for you when you are nervous.  He is strict because he wants us to be safe.  He is always in a good mood and ready to teach us how to be safe when working and how to do it in a fun way.  He is a very nice guy and he is always pushing me to do my best.  He also encourages me to try something new in class and to help others.  Mr. Duran always makes you feel good.  Mr. Duran’s smile and energy is enough to always brighten my day when I see him and he is always fair and considerate to all of the students.  He always wants me to be on task. He is always willing to help no matter what the problem is.  He likes things to be done well and expects perfection.  He enjoys working at Skinner and always talks to students in the hallway and compliments them, making them feel happy and confident.  He always makes sure we wear our safety gear so no one gets hurt.  He never lets me down.  Mr. Duran is doing something he loves every day and he is sharing it with us. Mr. Duran is the best teacher I have ever met and he showed me how to cut a board.  He talks to me about my family and interests outside of school.  He cares about people’s happiness and he is a great floor hockey coach.  He is very interactive and allows you to be creative and have fun at the same time.  He makes me feel safe in the woodshop. He also makes learning about wood fun.  He makes asking for help easy.


Mr. Duran teaches us a life skill that will help us in the future.  He always believes in me and focuses on my personal needs.  He helps me become a stronger person and athlete.  Even though I am not in his class he says hi to me every day.  He pushes me to do my best and expects nothing but it.  He has a lot of trust in his students.  I appreciate his need for perfection and his sense of humor.  I like how he appreciates his students.  He has great control over his class and cares about every one of his students.  He is a great person to talk about your problems with.  I have learned a lot which is going to help me since I want to be an engineer.  He understands all of his students and he makes the most amazing things to give so that people can be happy. He makes sure we get our work done.  He makes sure we meet expectations and we follow the rules.  He pushes everyone to become eligible and to do their best every day.  He always treats me with respect and cares about how I do in school.  He comes to my basketball games.  He is committed to his job and helping us learn in the best class ever.  His class makes me eager to come to school.  He is amazing, strict and an understanding teacher who knows what we do and how we think.  He is super nice


Joshua Duran – The thing I appreciate about Mr. Duran is that he helped me and my friend through a conflict that could have ruined our friendship. He helped me figure out my teachers and explained what the schedules are and how to understand them.  He cares for others and is really funny.  He always helps me when I act up.  He can makes everyone’s day better. He helps with every situation and fixes it.  I appreciate that he lets me put my things in his office.  He is strict and legit and that’s pretty cool. He is fun because he isn’t always about being serious all the time.  He knows when to be serious and when to have fun.  He is funny as heck!  He always high fives me and gives me a knuckle bump and asks me how my day is going.  He is super nice and gives me high fives in the hallway. He never gets angry.  He is understanding of not just me but of all the students in the school.  He helps me when I need help with something, even if it homework.  He is a very nice person and always keeps me on track.  He helps me stay focused at school and get my work done.  He is the only one I can talk to if I get in trouble.  He’s nice and awesome and he checks in with me.  He helps me when someone steals from me and he gets it back.  He doesn’t lose his temper.  He tells me that I am a good student and if I need help he will be there.  He is always giving me good advice.  He is always helpful and makes every day better.  He makes sure I’m okay.  He always talks to me when I am in trouble.  He asks me my opinion. He is always kind and cares about what you think.  He always understands you and respects your opinion and tries to put himself in your shoes.  He is always bright about things and tries to come up with ideas to become more successful.


Jordan Dwyer – The thing I appreciate about Mr. Dwyer is that he taught me how to play the trumpet.  He taught me about music and playing drums.  He is so helpful. He always makes sure I understand but also wants us to have fun.  He is always very positive and nice.  He is always helping me and others grow and succeed in music.  He tries his hardest to give us opportunities to have fun with music.  He works very hard to help students learn.  He also finds a lot of really awesome opportunities for the students to participate in.  He is a good person and pushes us to do our best.  He finds good and cool music for us to play.   He is patient with our talkative class.  He gets on to stay on task so that we are prepared for our performances.  He deals with a room full of teens with loud instruments and he still manages to make us sound really pretty when we play.  He challenges us and helps us after school.  He doesn’t tolerate messing around and he makes sure we get our work done.  He pushes our limits in music so we grow and he takes us on fun field trips.  He makes learning about music fun and not some long, tedious process that will eventually bore someone like me.  I appreciate that he has put up with me for three years.  He expects our best and helps us to play our best.  He is super patient and even though I messed up a ton of times he kept confidence in me and reassured me that I can do it.  He cares about all of his students.  He is the most talented musician I know.  He teaches something I love and gives each student something to brighten their day.  All of his students have improved tremendously this year. He keeps believing in me when I’m having a hard time.


Ashley Eckard – The thing I appreciate about Mr. Eckard is that he helps me with my work.  He helps me with my drawings.


Don Emmerich – The thing I appreciate about Mr. Emmerich is that he remembers who I am even though we only spoke once.  He helped me through the day once and the fact that he remembers me and that makes me feel special.  He helps me with my problems and he lets me eat lunch with him.  He is there when I need someone to talk to.  He helped me overcome my fears and worries. He greets me whenever he sees me and is always nice toward me.  He is awesome and helpful and funny.  He is the best person in the world. He is always asking me how I feel and makes me feel much better about school. He did the comic enrichment and I liked that. He cares about students.  When my aunt died he helped me ease back into a normal schedule.  He is very nice and helps me get through middle school. He talks to me about how I’m doing and he takes me to play basketball.  He wants you to be the best person you can be.  He always remembers people’s names and says hi to everyone.  He is forever smiling and is always happy.  He is really understanding.  He listens and is always there for me.  He cares a lot about me.


Peter English – The thing I appreciate about Mr. English is that he listens to student feedback and grows from it. We can always tell him what we are unhappy about in class and he will strive to fix it.  He is kind and he makes learning fun while still teaching us the curriculum.  He always has a smile.  He makes learning fun and makes sure to call out the students who are off-task or making bad choices.  He challenges us and encourages us to do our best.  He pushes us to do our best and only accepts the best.   He is the awesomest person in the world. He is helpful and always tries to push me to do better.  He always cheers me up when I have a bad day and makes my day brighter with his smile.  He expects great things from us. He asks me how I am doing.  He makes it fun to learn.  He talks to me about my behavior and how I can improve it. He teaches us new things in a fun and interesting way. He is always helping us grow and excel in math.  For those who need more help he makes sure they have support and for those who are past understanding he has extensions.  He never stops encouraging us to do our best and gives us tips to make math easier. He always notices when the class doesn’t understand, and helps us to understand.


Samantha Espe – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Espe is that she is very thoughtful of others, kind and giving.  She makes math fun and I love math now. She is patient and doesn’t get mad even when we are being a bad class.  She helps me every Tuesday and Thursday so I can get caught up.  She is hilarious and she understands how kids learn in different ways.  She helps me learn even though I disappoint her sometimes.  She still teaches even when the class has been bad.  She pushes us to do our best.  She always helps me with things I don’t understand.  She creates a fun and safe learning environment.   She is firm with students but enjoys humor from students.  She makes sure I am challenged and lets students help lead the class.  I look forward to her class every day.  She encourages group work.  She helps keep me on task.  She makes math understandable with interactive projects and fun games.  She has an awesome personality.  She tries to make it so we are never bored and she doesn’t stop until we all understand something.  She makes sure everyone is always learning and understands and that everyone if following the 5 Bs.  She helps you even when she has explained it about five times.  She is nice and cares about everyone. She makes class enjoyable and fun by using hands-on things to teach useful lessons that we can use daily in our everyday lives.  She appreciates us for who we are. She understands my strengths and weaknesses.  She treats everyone with respect.


Facility Staff –  The thing I appreciate about the Facility Staff is that they clean up all the messes we make every day.  They always keep the building clean for us.  They work day and night to keep the building clean and have it ready for another day of learning.


Rhonda Franco – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Rhonda is that she makes me laugh.  She’s really nice to people and she is always respectful.  She is never mean.


Jessica Frahm – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Frahm is that she is kind and respectful.  She is funny and laughs all the time.  She spends extra time helping the leadership class grow and improve inside and outside of school. She is so kind and fun to be around and inspires me.  She helps me be an exemplary student through leadership.  She has helped me so much with my organization.  I think she is the perfect teacher.  She cares about our education.  She stays after school for a long time to help kids out.  She is very strong and she keeps going and helping students do better.  She is very optimistic and a warm hearted woman.  She is the nicest teacher I know.  She got me through some really hard times.  When I really needed to talk to someone she was there.  She makes sure that I understand what I’m learning.  She sacrifices her own time to help me.  She teaches us the deeper part of the story.  She has impacted my life in such a positive way that I can’t even express it. She lets us have interesting conversations that relate to what we are learning and how to relate it to the present time.  She is always so upbeat.  She works her hardest to make sure her students get the education they deserve.  It’s obvious in her lesson plans that she tries her hardest to make the work interesting and she has succeeded.  She always has your back.  She is always pushing you to get eligible and she wants everyone to continuate.  She has helped me to become a leader.  She loves her students and you can really tell.  She is my favorite teacher throughout my whole school experience.  She makes sure you do your best. She is a good listener and will help you deal with your problems.  She always checks in to see how our weekends and breaks were.  She is very supportive and always makes us do our best. She teaches us things that really matter and that affects our lives.  I always walk out of her class with a new sense of the world.  She fosters a safe environment so I feel comfortable sharing my ideas.  She is always connecting our class and curriculum to current events in the world and this makes our classes more interesting and allows us to learn twice as much.  She is amazing!


Hayford Frimpong – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Frimpong is that he would give anything to protect us.  He is always keeping our school safe and starts a conversation with kids who need it.  He devotes his time to protecting the school and risks so much.  He spreads positivity and he is wonderfully polite and spreads positivity in our community. He cares so much about our safety and how we feel even when some kids choose not to believe it.  He is committed to his job and making sure we are okay. He looks out for us and even when we are mean to him he still cares about us and are safety.


Pierre French –   The thing I appreciate about Mr. French is that he helps others.  He will be there for me and always makes sure I’m okay.


Melanie Garcia – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Melanie is that she is so funny and she makes me laugh.  She is the most fun and cool person in our building and makes sure that we are held accountable.  I like it when she is in the lunch room with us.


Angie Gonzalez– The thing I appreciate about Ms. Gonzalez is that she takes us to the gym and makes fun games for us to play when we get bored.  She puts up with every kid who walks into the Neighborhood Center and she’s just amazing.


Matthew Graeve – The thing I appreciate about Mr. Graeve is that he is always aware of different needs of different students.  He pushes me to do my best because he knows I have the potential to do so.  He always brings out laughs with his horrible jokes.  When you’re in Mr. Graeve’s class kids can be themselves without being micromanaged or judged.  He is humorous and has a positive attitude.  He is always smiling.  He helps me by making sure I am okay and he encourages me to do more.  He is super friendly and is straight forward.  He was really cool about helping me get caught up with my IXLs.  He is the coolest teacher I have ever had.  He really cares for his students and makes every class fun and interesting.  He is patient and nice.  He is so kind to all of his students even on the worst days.  I enjoy going to his class.  He makes a positive and fun take on the lessons he teaches us.  He is very fun to be around. He is so engaging and he always interacts with us like we’re adults and not 5 year olds.  Even though he is not one of my teachers he always makes things fun and always pushes me to get things right. When I get in trouble in tells me the right thing to do.  He always know how to make me smile.  He knows when something is wrong. He’s a good person to talk to because I feel like he understands.  He makes me feel welcome in his class. He is super empathetic, understanding, kind and fun.  He views his students as equals and sees them as growing intellectuals with so much potential.  He tries his hardest to understand where his students are coming from and how they feel while at the same time pushing us to do our very best. He truly does care and makes a difference here.  If he knows I am having a bad day he will try to cheer me up. He helped me get through science fair. He cares a lot about his students.  He helps me understand chemistry and really helps me with my work and staying eligible.   He ensures that students learn and can apply their knowledge and skills in other content area.  He is always there for me if I ever need to someone to talk to about the drama and stress of 8th grade.  He gets to know who his students are as a person.  He always finds the right balance between working hard and having fun.  He loves and cares for me.  He always is making me feel better on days I’m feeling upset.  He’s always supporting me with everything in life and he’s been supporting me all three years of middle school.   He relates to our “middle school” struggle to make lesson plans that best suits our class’s need.  He never gives up on kids.  He does a mini-lesson for people who still don’t understand.  He has been by my side since the first day of middle school and has supported me all three years of middle school.  He always makes problems with hard parts seem simple and he always likes to help people. He makes science class interesting and outside of class he talks to me about my interests like softball and what I am doing on the weekend.


Jessica Hale – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Hale is that she cares about students and she cares about me. She supports me in my life and is nice and understanding when you do something bad.  She helped me understand that having bad influences can lead me to bad consequences.  She is very caring and is always in a sweet tone of voice.  She makes me take responsibility for my actions. She helps students get back on track.  She always finds a way to help students in need and is always happy.  Ms. Hale helps when I am in trouble.  She gives me the help I need/want.  She was that one that got me and Alias to be friends. She always listens and gives advice on my problems.  She always listens to you and what you have to say.  She is super nice and she cares about everyone.  She taught me how to be a good listener and thanks to her I am more comfortable helping people by respectfully listening and paraphrasing.  She helped me when I was super angry and stressed. She is always there for me and is always checking to make sure I am on the right track.   She is always willing to talk.  She is caring about my feelings.  She really listens to what I have to say and helps me with my problems no matter how long it takes.  She can solve any conflict.  You can trust her and talk to her about anything and everything.  She is always calm.  She is like a second mom to me.  I feel comfortable telling her anything. She listens to you and is fair in her punishments.  She always helps me with my pain and problems without pushing the knife into the wound.   She has helped me through so much.  She helps us learn from our mistakes and stay away from trouble.  She introduced me into a program that has really helped me get better.  She keeps people in line but not in an annoying way.  She has helped me a lot and started a plan to help me get caught up and she has helped my brother because if it wasn’t for her he wouldn’t be where he is right now.


Maureen Hobbs – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Hobbs is that she is so kind.  She is a really fun p.e. teacher and she makes fitness fun.  She would do anything for anybody.  She always teaches us new games.


Allison Horton – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Horton is that she is good with kids and she loves and supports everyone at Skinner.  She is respectful and is always treating us good and cares for us.  She is always there when I need her. She is nice.  She listens.  She is funny.  She helps people with their problems.  She always helps me with family and friend problems and she always cheers me up. If I say something negative about myself she tells me different.  She has earned the respect of everyone.  She makes me feel better when I get into fights with my friends.  She compliments me every day.  She sets challenges for the month for every family meeting and she helps with CIAs.  She always has a positive attitude.  She always fixes the problems that I create.  She keeps it real and make me feel comfortable.  She knows that people make mistakes and that we are all human. She helps me makes new friends.   She never gives up on me and always pushes me to make good decisions.  She is always very helpful in restoring conflicts between classmates and me.  Her work has restored many of my friendships.  She is very funny and fun to be around.  She is always positive and tries to make every body’s day better.  She is a good and honest friend.  She is mean to me when I need it.  She helps motivate me so that I can do good in school and at home.  She helped me get back on my feet and get my work caught up.  I love how she says y’all.  She tells me that she loves and supports me.  She deals with a lot of stressful things but she keeps her cool.  She always asks me how my day went and how I am doing in school.  She deals with my crazy attitude and many bad moments.  She is always really kind even when I am in trouble.  She gets on me when I do something wrong so I know to fix it.  She says hello to me in the halls.  When I’m having a bad day she makes time to talk to me.  She respects all students and tries to understand them and all of their motives.  She helps each student in a unique way based on what their personal needs are.  You can count on her to give you a compliment that is sure to better your day. She Makes people work when they are in ASI and she gives you sense when you are in her office.  She is positive and always happy.  She told me about not horsing around and to do my work.  She waves and talks to others when they’re lonely and always has a smile and a positive attitude.


Brittnee Kidder-Davis – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Brittnee is that she tries her hardest to make things fun and she a has a bunch of programs that she works to get us engaged in.  She is a great mentor and a funny and loving teacher.  She is very kind and will be there for you.  She helps kids but also helps parents who need help contacting teachers.  She has helped me a lot. She has the right positive attitude when there are 20 kids screaming her name.  She is so selfless.  She always makes me laugh and I love the time I spend with her.  She is an awesome person who helps out when thing are rough for you.  She checks up on you and always helps you see the bright side of things.  I feel like I can talk to her about anything.


Jamie Kitchen – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Kitchen is that she is fun and happy.  She likes to teach the kids what they’re supposed to do.  When I’m off task she tells me to be good and to get my points.  She helps me with my school work and she also taught me about Harry Potter. She was there for me when I needed help.


Brian Knight – The thing I appreciate about Mr. Knight is that he helped me grow a lot in math.  He helps me out and he gives great prizes. He is nice and funny.  He makes learning fun and easy.  He care about me and my learning so he’s always pushing me to the limits.  He works hard and he encourages me to work hard. He has a creative mind.  He tries his best to help me and help other students.  He gives me chances and if I mess around he tells me nicely to pay attention.  He helps me in math I am really bad at math and sometimes after school he helps me with science and I really need help with science.  He is calm.  He expects the best from you even when you don’t feel like it.  He inspires you to do the right thing.   He deserves a lot of respect.  He gives a lot of chances and he wants everyone to be participating in his class.


Michelle Koyama – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Koyama is that she holds our school together.  Without her our school would be in pieces.  She stops fights, deals with angry parents, loves us, looks out for us, gives us the necessary things for school and is always the best principal ever.  She is always there helping us and making sure we are always on task and keeping up with our work.  She helps me with the 5 Bs and she reminds me not to run in the halls.  She’s like the president of our school.  She’s a good and a great helper for all the students.  She is awesome and the best principal ever because she’s cool.  She wants the students to be safe and happy.  She is always working really hard to ensure that we have a safe environment, get a good education and that we have fun at school.   She is so dedicated to the success of her students.  She wants nothing but the best for us and does everything in her power to ensure a bright future for us.  She cares about each and every one of us deeply. She always keeps us on track.  She has helped me so much.  She is strict about our clothing. She cares about me and want to me to continuate and not fall behind.  She is the best principal ever.  She tries every day to make the school better.  She comes in every day with 100% effort.  She is a key part of making our school better.  She is very kind and helping and she helps me understand the school and feel good about school.  She is helpful and cheerful and always willing to go the extra mile for us.  She keeps the school controlled.   She creates a fun learning environment and expects all kids to graduate. She creates a solid environment that invites 5th graders.  Even though I have never actually met her, she has made this school great and I really like it.  It would not be easy to make a good school and she did it.  She allows me to have a variety of opportunities like serving on CSC, helping with 6th grade academy and playing sports.  She let me come into this great school and she helped me the whole way up the road to success to 7th grade.  She won’t give up on any kids no matter what happens.  She is always here to talk to and to help with work. She works to make our school a better place and to improve our community every day.  She creates guidelines for us to follow so we can improve our lifestyle.  She has everything planned out so that we can have a good day in our classes.  She is active in school events and brings a smile to our community.  She cared about us and kept us safe in an emergency.  She is always I making sacrifices for her students and this school.  She’s always working hard to get the job done and I think every school should have a principal like her. (AMEN TO THAT – editorial comment from Mr. Waldon).  She spends so much time away from her family to plan things for students.  She is always in a good mood and happy to help when you need.  She always has a smile on her face, which makes my day.  She always has good morning announcements to make sure that we all know how the day will go.  She is very helpful and caring to me and my family.  She has made an impact on my life and I love her for all she does.  She is a fun person.  She gives up endless hours of her life and family to improve the education of Skinner Middle School students.  She is always holding us and our school together.  She doesn’t argue or scream at us when we make mistakes but actually comes up with solutions.  She tells us to make every minute count and she role models that for us because she makes every minute count.   She is always happy and trying to help out.


Emily Krochmal – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Krochmal is that she only accepts the best from her students and she is hard on us, only because she wants us to be the best adults we can be when we grow up.  She pushes me to do my work and she is really fun and funny.  She helps me a lot.  She pushes me to try harder and to participate in class.  She isn’t afraid to say the truth about something that could be scary.  She will always point out people’s mistakes in the spirit of helping them improve.  Everything she does is to benefit the students so they can be successful.  She is strict and a good teacher. She makes class fun and interesting and help students get their work done because she cares about them.  She also holds us responsible for our own work and shows that our grade are completely our responsibility. She always gives us every opportunity we need to bring up grade and turn our best work get full credit. She is a tough woman and won’t take it easy on you so you can be as successful as you can possibly be no matter how hard it is going to be to get you to the top.  She is always supporting me in social studies to help me get good grades and understand what we’re learning.  She is a fun teacher and is always there for me.  I can tell her whatever I want and she helped me when I was in a tough time.  She makes sure the class is working so we can have a better experience.  She makes class fun.  She speaks the truth of how the real world is and tells us that life is not all sweet and you can’t just be lazy because the world is very harsh and that’s why we’re in schools we can prepare for the real world. She pushes me to use my current knowledge to further my own and other’s learning.  She makes school exciting.  She is always really kind and teaches very well.  She is an amazing teacher who really makes me think about history.  She actually cares about her students.


Tom Leong – The thing I appreciate about Mr. Leong is that he taught us a lot about STEM.  He’s nice and I know we are a pain in the butt a lot but he still shows us respect and that’s one thing I love about him.  He has a lot of patience with students and is nice.  He makes class fun because he has interesting things to do for us. He helped improve my understanding of computer science.  He always explains our work and shows me my mistakes so I can correct my work to make it better.


Dawn Lewallen – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Lewallen is that she is crazy, nice, funny and she believes in me.  She is so nice and provides us with great books.  She is fun to talk to and when she fills in for a teacher we have so much fun while at the same time she keeps the class in line.  She is very unique and kind.  She finds awesome and cool books for us.  She started the ARC program that I attend and I think she is really fun.  She brings a lot of energy to the classroom.  (Once we had to take a test so Ms. Lewallen could have some data for a presentation Ms. Lewallen made it so interesting.)  She is nice, funny and she knows a lot about the books that I like.  She is always organizing cool reading things for our school.  She always has great suggestions of good books to read.  She helps me to remember to have my work turned in.  She loves that we read.   She always sets up special events and she helps organize fun events for everyone.  She brings positive energy to Skinner’s community.  She is understanding and relatable. She is funny yet strict at the same time.  She is very generous and encouraging. She is a good listener.  I can tell she enjoys her job.  She helps me find the perfect book and also introduces me to new books.  She helped me solve a big problem that I did to a book and when we solved that problem she wasn’t mad at me or in a bad mood.  She was fair.  She is open to new things and loves to learn.  She is hilarious.  She always helps me with things I am confused about and is always positive. She always checks to make sure I am eligible.  She made my Friday enrichment so fun and enjoyable.  She is always working very hard to keep students happy.  Her best quality is that she is always having fun and she will cheer you up if you are feeling down. She is a very good Learning Family teacher.  She is da bomb.com!  She has a passion for reading which rubs off on students. She makes sure we don’t watch inappropriate material.  She helps me with school work even though she doesn’t have to.  She is super nice to everyone and she is always in a good mood and makes everyone else in a good mood.


Mary Kate Litchfield – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Litchfield is that she volunteered to coach Skinner’s basketball team and she is very supportive.  She is nice and helpful.  She has helped me grow in my math skills.  She is so funny and cool.  She explains things in many ways and makes it creative.  She has an enthusiastic attitude and is always able to make me laugh.


Ruby Lopez – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Lopez is that she is a very good teacher and she taught me a lot even though we have a very difficult class.  She tries her best to have us succeed and makes the work she gives out challenging and time worthy.  She always makes sure we are getting the best out of her lessons. She is energetic and works to keep kids interested in what we are learning about.  She is nice to everyone even when kids are being disrespectful to her.  She only presumes positive intentions.  She also only accepts the best from students and treats all students with respect.  She helps us become better people.  She feels proud of me when I do well on a test.  She is not afraid to challenge us and I have learned more Spanish in one year than I did in five years in elementary school.  She has tremendously expanded my Spanish vocabulary.  She has interactive ways of teaching which help me learn better.  She will help you until you get it right.  She helps me learn more about my culture.  She cares about me.


Elvia Lubin – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Lubin is that she has helped translate for my mom.  She is always friendly and has even driven my mom to meetings.  She has encouraged my mom to get involved.


Shalaine Lujan – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Lujan (my mom) is that she is funny and crazy.  She scares people (including me) but she’s my mom and I love her.   She is always there if you need her. She doesn’t judge me for always being late.  She is always fun.  She is really nice and cares a lot about me.  She is like an aunty to me.  She helps with everything. She interacts with students. She is so cool to be around and is always positive.  She is always there if you need her. Even though she yells at me sometimes, she is caring and wonderful.  She helps me when I need it.  She brings my spirits high when I need it.  She is like a mother figure to me and always has my back and does as much for me as she can.


Aimee McAdams – The thing I appreciate about Ms. McAdams is that she worked with the social justice 2nd period really well to help us learn  and do something to get involved. She is super fun and energetic.  Class is never boring.  I learn so much and Language Arts is my favorite subject.  She makes sure everyone understands before we move on.  She cares about our learning.  She lets us make our own choices.  She helps us when we get something wrong.  She picks out good books.  She is always on top of everything.  She helps with my growth and helps me figure things out if I am stuck on something. She is a great teacher and she makes things fun. She really cares about her students.  She is one of the most important teachers I have ever had.  I was not the smartest kid in 6th grade but she pushed me and I was able to increase my understanding and go into honors which was a goal for the year. She not only cares about our education but about us and what we contribute to society.  She only accepts our best and when someone doesn’t understand she will go step by step and catch the student up.  She is very serious about our learning.  She gives us second chances.  We know we can talk to her when we need her.  She inspires me because I am not very good in reading.  If she sees I’m struggling she talks to me, if I did something wrong she tries to help me.  She is always asking us how she can do better. She always cheers you up when you are down. She helps us get what we are doing and she’s very awesome!  She is friendly, nice and tried hard to help children struggling and makes the school a better place.  She pushes you to get your work done and helps you when you don’t understand.


Heather McBogg – The thing I appreciate about Ms. McBogg is that she always greets me and asks me how I am.  I appreciate how she approaches her work and teaching us.  She is supportive and introduces new types of art that I have not yet discovered.  She explains things in a way that make sense to everyone and engages the class.  She is kind, yet tough and keeps the class in line.  She is always positive.  She always deals with us even though we are horrible. She gives us fun assignments that I have never done before. She always helps me and I like the projects that we do.  She is a great artist.  She is caring and encouraging.  She is always willing to take time to work with you.  She is always in a good mood and always lets people come after school.  She takes the time out of her day to make us become better artists.  She continues to push past adversity and she’s kind, creative, funny and willing to help anyone.   She worries about me when I am upset.  She helps me complete my work when I’m not trying.


Maureen McCanna – The thing I appreciate about Ms. McCanna is that she is a challenging teacher who finds a way to teach me everything I need to know.  She makes leaning social studies fun.  She engages all students and is constantly looking for our best behavior.  She helps support you when you are having a problem in school or out of school.  She is kind and humorous.  Every day I look forward to the start of the day and the end of the day with one of my favorite teachers.  She is a good teacher because we learn things that are actually relevant to the real world. She teaches and explains things very well so that we can understand.  The projects are fun and I look forward to them. She expects only the best from me.  She knows the level of work that I can produce and she pushes me to reach or surpass that level.  She is so sweet and nice.  I like how she is patient and pushes our thinking.   She is an amazing soccer coach (way better than my competitive coach!)  She makes sure we turn in important projects.  She makes sure we are behaving and she follows the discipline ladder.  She finds the good in people.  She boosts your confidence with meaningful compliments.  She lets me stay whenever I need to get caught up and she helps me anytime I need help. Her motherly attitude helps me to feel safe at school.  She is relentless in trying to get us to learn everything we need to know despite how obnoxious or rude our class is.  It is amazing and I am glad that she is still going strong.  She always puts up with our class’s mis-behaviors and still gives us fun and creative lessons.  She has taught us a lot.


Megan McKeown – The thing I appreciate about Ms. McKeown is that she is a teacher that brings fun and curiosity to the classroom.  She always keeps us on track.  She always has a smile on her face and is ready to teach us and makes it fun.  She has the most patience in the world.  She can control her classes while still having a positive attitude.  She is always positive.  She always helps me when I don’t understand. She stays after school if I need help. She is very accepting of everyone and is willing to help anyone.  She supports me and pushes me to do good and she believes in me.  She is always nice.  She creates a good learning environment for her students.  She is always pushing me to do better academically and in maturity.  She wants the class to put in their best effort.  She is more understanding about things.  She explains everything in full detail and makes learning really fun.  She helps me and I enjoy both her Language Arts and her Creative Writing class.   She will always listen and she listens to the class’s feedback on activities and she improves them all the time to make the class more fun and easier for us to learn.  She is always prepared with exciting things for us to do in Creative Writing.  She has taught me so much about writing.  Oh my lord I love this teacher!  I think she is the best. I can trust her and she understands us.  She may get angry but inside she wants us all to succeed in our lives.  She makes sure we are getting things done in class.  She never yells.  She always points out the good in what we do, even if we have the wrong answer.  She gets her point across without having to yell.  She is good to have around when you’re having a bad day.  She is always open for questions and she allows us not to read out loud if we are not comfortable.  She helped me become a better writer and reader by giving me thoughtful feedback on all the work I completed.  She gives people second chances.


Maggie Manning – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Manning is that she doesn’t give up and she makes me try my best even though I am not good at it.  She is nice and good at teaching and making math easier to understand.  She is super patient and is good at re-explaining things when students are confused.  She cares about her students and likes what she is doing.  She has a friendly personality.  She can handle my attitude.  She makes math fun and learnable.  She is super supportive and encourages us to share our opinions.


Chris Martin – The thing I appreciate about Mr. Martin is that he jokes around with you and he only wishes you the best.  He makes science a fun subject.  When I first came to Skinner I wasn’t interested in science at all, but now science is my favorite subject because of his interesting way of teaching.  He is very nice and he makes learning fun and entertaining.  He makes sure I understand.  He is a cool skateboarder.  He knows the dab and the whip and all the kid stuff.  He’s cool.  He helped me progress in school.  Even though he is no longer my teacher he has made a huge impact on my life.  He is also helpful and caring with all his students.  He is very easy to talk to when you have a problem.  He makes science fun every day and he never makes class boring.  He always makes sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to and teaches well.  He is the best teacher ever! He cares about my education and he is very calm and swag.  He is very funny and he knows the things that his students like and that makes him a great teacher.  He is always saying hi to you in the halls and relating to you in common interests.  Grade barriers don’t stop him from walking into your class at any given time.  He makes learning easy, understandable and fun.  He is really dedicated to helping his students.  He is really funny yet focused and is really hip.  He wants to relate to his students.  He is kind and helpful. He always pushes me to do my best.  He teaches me science in different and creative ways.  He teaches me in multiple ways when I don’t understand.  He helps me understand what and why we are learning.  He always has a smile on his face and is in a good mood.   He makes every class really fun.  He makes the learning environment fun and even though I started late in his class in the year, I got caught up and have had a great time learning different segments.   He understands when I get in trouble even though I’m not in his class.  He is so nice to me and helps me learn things about science and skateboarding.  He always makes sure that what I turn in is my best work.  He is an overall good guy.  He makes sure we are okay in school physically and emotionally both in school and outside of school.  He gives us Brain Breaks when we need them.  He pushes us to perform great in his class. He has high expectations and pushes everyone to do their best.  He believes in all of his students and makes sure everyone is learning in a fun way.  He knows and believes that I can do everything even better.  He always has a positive attitude.  He has made science fun he helped me improve so much.  He is one of the best teachers I have ever had.  He is caught up on kids’ lives.  If I am falling behind in class he will let me come in to catch up on work during lunch or after school.  He is the best Learning Family teacher.  I like that we have a lot in common.  I know I can trust him.  He had conferences with my parents to help me with catching up in my work in all of my classes.  He has a firm hand on disruptive students when needed.  He helps students when they don’t understand.  He makes me put forth my best effort and he is always creative in his classroom.  He always tried to help out during bad times.


Corey Martin – The thing I appreciate about Mr. Martin is that he is a fun teacher.  He helps me move on in life.  He is funny and helpful and so joyful.  He is niceful too.  I’m happy he is my teacher.


Tanya Martinez – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Tanya is that she is very fun and she isn’t afraid of saying something embarrassing.  She is kind and always positive.  She cares about me.  She is sweet and helpful.


Deb Maruyama – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Maruyama is that she never gave up on me when I had missing work and she always gives me helpful feedback.  She pushed me to do my best and only allowed the best.  She also took a lot of time to help me and let me become much more organized.  She is so caring towards all students.  She helps me understand what I don’t.  She made sure I got eligible and helped me with my IXLs.  She always knows how to bring light to the room when it’s really dark.  (She can always make someone smile.)  She holds us up to high expectations and expects us to do our best.  She also makes sure we understand everything and helps if we don’t.  She makes math fun and easy.  She helped me power through the 8th grade.  She is preparing me for high school.  She is such a great person.  Not only does she teach us math but she also teaches important life lessons that have really shaped me.  She’s been there to help me with all of my shortcomings and I thank her for all that she does.  She does her best to make sure that every student does his/her best to succeed and fully understand what we are learning.  She is unique and helps students see math in a new light.  She cares a lot about us and she is always there for help whether it’s school help, mental health or issues at home.  She really does care a lot.  She is like a mom to me. She doesn’t let her students give up.  She pushes them toward greatness and achievement and she’s always there to lend a helping hand.  She is quirky which is a trait I can relate to and it brings her own touch to her class.  She is charismatic and smart and I admire her wisdom and her wit which us youngsters rarely understand.  She MADE my 8th grade year in many ways.  I hope I can share many more memories wither.  She is always encouraging. She was really helpful to me this year and I learned so much in her class. I also admire how she can deal with all the kids in her class.  She helps me with my work whenever I am struggling.  If I had a problem at school I could talk to her at any time.  She makes sure students retain information, make progress and turn in work.  She helps build skills to have a positive work ethic and a happy life.  She is the greatest math teacher I have ever had.  She has challenged me to do my best.  She’s cool and funny.  She cares about whether or not we succeed. She wants me to be successful.  She is willing to push her students to their full potential.  She is kind and warm hearted.  She is very thoughtful.  She is forgiving and strives to make her students smarter.  She makes my day be giving me feedback and helps me through struggles.


Janelle May – The thing I appreciate about Ms. May is that she is nice.  She helps me on the work  and sometimes she tells me that I am trying my best.  She makes me smile.  She always says hi to me and she appreciates what I do.  She doesn’t get mad.  She has always supported me in math class.  She appreciates me trying my hardest in math.  She has been my only happy and exciting math teacher. She has a big heart.  She cares about everything and everyone.  She tries her best to even help rude people.  She puts up with me and pushes me to do my best.  She helps me with my missing homework.  When we have a problem she asks us if we are okay.  She makes me feel like I can do everything in her class.  When I try to something very hard she tells me to just do my best.  I like that she doesn’t raise her voice.  She helps me with calming down.  She cared for me and helped me when I struggled on something and she challenged me to become a better person.  She loves to work with all of us. When I am sad she lets me take a break.  She is so sweet and kind that even her smile will brighten your day.  The way she teaches is special and unique.  She was so nice to me when she was a substitute in one of my classes.  She cares for us a lot.  She helps me be on track for high school and she cares about me when I am in trouble.  She is someone everyone can trust.  She is never mean if when you give her attitude.


Gloria Montoya –  The thing I appreciate about Ms. Montoya is that she always appreciates me and she might yell a lot but it’s because she cares about me and wants me to succeed in life.  She always respects and supports me.  She is a sweet person and she is also a hard worker.  She will do anything to get what she wants (Waldon editorial – isn’t that the truth!)  I believe that she loves me even though she is tough I love this chick!  She always knows what to say and how to do it.  She expects your best.  She is serious and fun at the same time.  She cares about my school work and my personal life.  She is the greatest person at this school.  She has a great personality.  She keeps me on track.  She is always there for me when I need to talk.  She is crazy, funny, loud and cool!  She made volleyball hard but fun.  She pushes you to get to the top no matter how hard it is and she always gives you helpful advice.  She never gives up.  She follows through.  She helped me with my volleyball.  She always looks out for me when stuff is going on in my life.  She is a good volleyball coach.  She helps everyone in their time of need.  She’s funny, helpful and serious.  She is strict if you get into trouble and she doesn’t play any games.  She will always tell the truth.  She helps all students who get into trouble and she has made this school better.  She is funny and always has respect for me.  She is always there for me. She makes me smile and laugh when I am spiraling out of control and she puts me in check and gets me back on track.  She is like a mother figure to me and puts up with my attitude.  She helps me with all my problems.  She is caring.  She helped me when I was going to get into fights and didn’t let me fight and talked it out with me.  She helps me get through stuff.  She doesn’t only care for me.  She cares for everyone too.   She has a big heart.  She is passionate about the students and anything she does.  She helps me on my work when I need it.  She helps me if someone has hurt my feelings and if someone else is hurt she will always be there for them.  She is calm and collected most of the time and she finds fair ways to discipline us.  I appreciate her tough love.  She is not afraid to lay down the law.  She does this to keep us safe and give us a better chance for a good future.  She’s a straight up “G”.  She keeps everyone in line and she checks these kids and makes sure they know how to behave.  She is always there for us kids when we need her and when she needs to she gets mean to keep us safe.  She keeps me on track and makes sure I do my work and stay out of trouble.  She’s very nice, sweet and caring and only gets mean when she has to but that’s what makes her cool.  She has everyone’s back and is fair.  She doesn’t have favorites.  She was there for me when nobody believed in me and she will always have my back.  She is amazing and she wants to help everyone and hear every side of the story.  She wants everyone to do their best and to stay out of trouble.  She does an amazing job at her job.  She helps me out and she cares about me, about all people.  She has a big heart.  She is always making sure I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.  I feel like she’s my mom.  She helped me when I got into fights.  She helps change people’s ideas.  I don’t know her that well but I can tell she is tough (as in cool).


Megan Mosele – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Mosele is that she helps others and me with

understanding math and if we don’t she will explain it in a different way.  She helps me when I struggle and it works.


Estefania Munoz-Barrios – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Munoz is that she has helped me in many ways.  She’s there when I need to vent or when I need to fix something.  She brought my family closer and has helped me have confidence in myself.  She has always helped me find a way to have positive thoughts through everything I have been through with friends.  She always supports me and gives me great advice.  She is always nice to me and always convinces me that I am really smart.  She helped me work out my problems.  She has supported me and has always been there for me.  She makes me feel better about my life both at school and at home.


Meghan Nelson – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Nelson is that she encourages me to do my best.  She helps me if I don’t understand.  She helps me in different ways with different methods by making us think of situations as if they were happening to us.  She wants us to end up in a good place and she makes everything fun.  She is the best teacher that I have ever had.  She is fun and funny.  She is nice and strict about her rules and her class is fun.  She only accepts the best work.  She is always willing to help you even if she has had a rough day or is busy.  She will always talk you through something you don’t understand.  She pushes her students to do their best with the 5 Bs and she is strict.  She can be absolutely hilarious in a good mood but still doesn’t take excuses and makes sure we are learning and understanding the lessons. She gives us pep talks and tells us the reality of school and life.  She always finds a way to make class interesting and enjoyable.  She supports us and teaches us important things about the economy and education.  She always motivates me to do my homework and also, every lesson she teaches I get something out of it.  She gives us a diverse choice of ways to learn.  She helps me when I need help.  Once I came into social studies crying and she helped me resolve my problem.  She really cares about who we are as a person, not only as a learner.  She also tells us stories about herself.  I learn a lot in her class.  She is always caring about my opinion and what I have to add to the group conversation.  She pushes our thinking.  She helps people in need.  She wants us to have fun and learn at the same time.  I always enjoy her class.  She tries hard to make Learning Family fun.  She takes time out of her life and helps us learn through interesting and fun lessons.  She’s the best social studies teacher I have ever had.  She is funny but also strict and that is good because she can control the class.  She cares about us.  She always keeps us on task.  She is very organized in her work.  She makes me want to go 8th period even though it is the last class of the day.  She makes it fun and exciting to learn even about the stuff that I think is boring.  She teaches us that there are no excuses.  She keeps track of every kid in the hallway to make sure no one is breaking the rules even if they are far away from her.  She teaches out of her love of students.  She teaches with meaning giving everyone a glimpse to the future.  I love how she only gives us useful homework.  She is honest with what she says.  She almost always has time to tell a joke.  She makes sure that everyone has the resources.  She makes no excuses and takes responsibility if she makes a mistake.  She teaches me good etiquette so I can become and strong and kind human being.  She controls the classroom very well.  She is funny and strict.  She helps me out.  When I can’t stay she finds a solution to help me.  She always gets her message through in a creative way.  She is helping me grow like a flower.  She gives us chances to get our behavior in control.  She will tell you right from wrong.  She cares for us and our safety.  She makes us think very hard about every assignment.  She is strict but kind and treats others with respect.   She makes us work harder and gives us chances to improve our work so we can get better grades.  She will never let you give up.  She pushes you to do what you need.  Ms. Nelson doesn’t want you to fail and she will make your day.  She makes Learning Family fun. When we are in Learning Family we play games and watch funny videos.  She is very kind and also funny.  She only accepts my best work and she makes the rules and directions very clear.


Jessica Nenni – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Nenni is that she taught me math concepts that I didn’t learn in 5th grade and she only accepts my best work.  She makes math fun and makes sure that we understand everything that she teaches. She is funny and keeps the class under control.  She always pushes our thinking.  She always challenges me and she cares about me as a person. She made me enjoy math and taught me many life lessons.  She makes me confident in math class and when I do something wrong she helps me.  She helps me understand math problems and when kids in her class don’t understand she won’t move on until everyone in the class knows how to do it.  She makes me a better mathematician.  She pushes me to discomfort but it helps me become stronger.  She also helps me become a strong athlete.  I have learned so much from her.  She always keeps things organized.  She is cool and always speaks her mind.  She pushes you to be your best.  She is an excellent Learning Family teacher and she makes sure we are having fun.  She is always there when I need her and I am upset.  She not only taught me math but she gave me a love for math.  Math is my favorite subject because of her.  She is always figuring out ways to improve her class.   I’m in 7th grade now and Ms. Nenni got me prepared for that.  She is supportive of all of her students.  She is strict in a way that keeps the class together but her humor removes any tension that may be in the room.  I’ve learned the most math I have ever learned in one year in Ms. Nenni’s class.  She shares everyone’s ideas and makes sure everyone’s voice is heard.  When you’re mad or upset she is a teacher you can go to. She makes sure we use academic language.  She also makes sure we know why a skill or strategy works which is really helpful.  She is amazing at explaining things.   She goes at a good pace.  She always makes sure we learn something in every class.  She always encourages me to always do good in school and life.  She never lets you give up.  She will make sure you understand.  She won’t move on unless everyone gets it.   She will lighten your day.  She is friendly and puts time and effort into her students and makes the school feel safer.


Jeanette Nicastri – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Nicastri is that she never gets mad and she taught me a lot of ways to stop my anger and anxiety.  She helped me in a lot of ways.


Mary Overton – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Overton is that she always greets me with a warm smile and is always so kind.  She is a great teacher.   She is so patient with all of her students.  She doesn’t get mad.  She helps everyone.  She cares about all of her students and has really cool learning activities.  She believes in her students and encourages everyone and tries to make the class fun.  She helps me out a lot and she was there in the beginning of the year when I was having trouble.  She is very flexible.  She teaches Spanish in the best way possible and always comes to school with a smile on her face.  She makes learning fun and easy.  She sets deadlines but is flexible and makes sure to always give plenty of time.


Chris Peterson – The thing I appreciate about Mr. Peterson is that he uses techniques that Ms. Nenni did which makes it easier for me to learn.  He says good morning, or hi, or how are you doing which makes my morning better.  He includes activities in his lessons. He is my favorite teacher. He gives us the skills and makes them very understandable.  He has helped me grow so much in math.  He doesn’t give up until everybody understands the concept he is teaching.  He has pushed me so I can do the best I can.  He is funny.  He is always there for me and knows me very well.  I have grown to trust him with any of my problems.  He always tries to help me when I need it and when I give up, he doesn’t.  He pushes me until I get it.  He is a great life mentor.  He has a lot of fun and active activities during class. He cares a lot about his students.  He wants us to learn.  He is always wanting to help us thrive and get better.  I used to hate math and now I love it because of Mr. Peterson.  He helps us understand what we are going to do before we get all the way into it.  He wants the best for our education so he packs a LOT of learning into his lessons.


Rachel Petersen – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Petersen is that she asks me if I’m okay or if I need a break.  She is trying her hardest to have kids behave.  She never gives up.  Every day in class is super hard and chaotic and frustrating and yet she comes in ready to teach us, or at least try.  She works hard


Jessica Rydning – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Rydning is that she always knows I can do better and tries to help us all out in the hardest situation.  She’s always supportive and she wants us to be successful in every aspect.  She’s always pushing me to strive.  She makes math easier to understand.  She is a nice teacher and is enjoyable.  When I am quiet she helps me.


Angelique Sanchez- Hutman – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Sanchez is that she helped us when we needed it.  She is always ready to substitute for a teacher and is nice yet strict. She has little patience for bad behavior.  She always cares for my well-being when I am in trouble. She is very nice because if you have friendship problems she will help you fix them.  She will do her best to help you out. She participates in school affairs and gets to know the kids.   She has a really cool spirit.  She has a fun personality that makes you want to be around her. She helped me to learn to control my anger.


Carla Sanchez –The thing I appreciate about Ms. Sanchez is that she always cares and shows it.  Every time I go to the nurse’s office we have a conversation.  She helps us when we need her.  She is always helping me when I have a headache or something’s wrong. She is very caring.  She takes good care of you when something is wrong with you or you feel bad.  She always makes me feel better when I’m in pain.  She is nice to all the kids who go to the nurse’s office and she tried to understand.  She understands when I need my medicine.  She helped me when I had health issues.  She makes sure we are safe and taking care of ourselves  and making sure we are eating healthily.  She has a kind heart. She gave me a place to get my physical to play sports and she was very helpful.


Denise Santisteven – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Santisteven is how she has helped save the day with technology situations in the school.


Shawna Sella – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Sella is that she helped me with my science fair project and she goes to bat for me a lot and I know she cares for me a lot.


Michele Short – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Short is that she is really patient and never lets you give up and is someone you can feel comfortable talking to.  She always has a smile on her face and is always pushing people to do their best work and make all the right choices.  She is caring.  She makes sure that we are on task and focusing on our work.  If you don’t understand your work she breaks it down for you to understand.  She cares about me.  I’ve never had a better connection with a teacher than with Ms. Short.  She has made things easier for me this year. She has helped me understand better when I was lost. She always gives me support


Wendy Sorrentino – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Sorrentino is that she always helps kids in a positive way so that they understand better.  She is a great teacher and is great at sign language.  She trusts us to be responsible and lets us make some of our own choices.  She is very kind and funny.  She always makes me feel comfortable in her class.  She starts my day off cheerfully and happily.  She makes sure you do your best.  She always makes learning fun and entertaining.  She shows us videos that trick us into wanting to learn.  She pushes us to turn in our progress reports so that we are eligible.  She has a good sense of humor and she plays good music on Fridays.


Beth Sprake-Jones – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Sprake-Jones is that she has been supporting me all three years.  She is always wanting me to be happy and is always telling me to strive. She helps me with my work and she is a cool teacher.  She helps me stay on topic and helps me finish my work.  She is funny.  She helps me get my work done by explaining it in a way that I can understand.  We read books that are awesome.  She’s my favorite teacher in school.  She helped me with my work by staying with me after school.  She cares about her students.


Jason Struve – The thing I appreciate about Mr. Struve is that he is a p.e. teacher but he sometimes subs in our classes when our teacher is gone. He tries to help us have fun while we get in shape.

Jan Sullivan – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Sullivan is that she is nice and she cares about our learning.  She is strict and she is really nice.  She helps me understand why reading is important and why reading helps me.


Luz Torres – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Torres is that she explains work that I don’t understand and helps me with my IXLs.  She gives us chances and pushes us to do better.  She is nice to me and helps me with my work. When she sees that there’s something wrong with me she helps me feel better and gives me space.  She is funny and makes class fun. She always keeps on teaching her students even when they are tough to teach.  She lets me use my notes before I take a test I can remind myself about what I have learned. She helped me out in 6th grade and now in 8th grade she has helped me get the hang of it.  It feels as if I have another auntie or family member here at Skinner!  She is nice and cool.  She is legit.  She lets us off the small things if she knows we have tried our best.  She tries to make her class interactive.  She helps me understand math a lot better and she always wants me to try my best.  She tells me she wants to see me walk across the stage and she encourages me.  She helps me with science and we do a lot of cool experiments.  She is fun, cheery and supportive.  She is always laughing with a joke and that smile lights up her face.  She is such a great person.  She can make all the students laugh and smile.  I love her classes and her humor.  I know that when she yells at me that she cares.  She has helped me so much with eligibility and she’s just my favorite.  The 7th graders are so lucky.


Frank Trujillo – The thing I appreciate about Mr. Frank is that he is funny and makes sure we get all our work done so we can participate in fun activities.


Vince Trujillo – The thing I appreciate about Mr. Vince is that he is always motivating me to do more than I can, pushing me to be successful.  He is always fun and funny.  He doesn’t play around when he gets mad.


Uplift Staff – The thing I appreciate about the Uplift staff is that they are always helpful, understanding, fun and cool.  They are supportive because they are always trying to help no matter if it is at school or at home.  I can always go to them if I need support.  They are always there for me because they let me talk to them when I have something bad going on.  They are always making things fun so students are never bored in their class.


Kristina Voskes – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Voskes is that she always teaches us so much that our class finds interesting. I find myself talking about the things we learn in her class outside of school and during my free time.  She helps me get eligible for continuation and celebrations.  She always pushes me to get caught up, not only in her class but in all classes so that really shows me that she cares.  She is always respectful towards her students. She always makes sure that everyone is having a good day and she always has a positive attitude.  She is always giving us feedback so that we can improve. She pushed me when the work got hard.  She knows how to teach.  She is a good person to talk to when I have a problem.  She helps me with my missing work. She makes class interesting and is always there to help.  She is always happy for me when something good happens for me.  She helps me with my reading.  She tries to be funny and that’s what counts.  She pushes me to be my best.  She is cool and nice.  She always has interesting and meaningful class conversations and that really motivates me to do well in her class.  She’s always in a good mood at the beginning of the day and that helps me if I come in upset.  She has helped me a lot through the year with my writing.  I’ve learned so much and have learned how to be consistent and show grit with writing and homework.  She is understanding.  She thinks of many ways to describe things when someone doesn’t understand.  She treats her students as equals and sees them as growing intellectuals.  She is accepting of everybody.  She has truly made me feel more welcome at Skinner.  She is kindhearted.  She is enthusiastic and always optimistic.  She leads engaging arguments and discussions.  She keeps us up to date with our work.  If we are missing something she will tell us straight up. She has helped me to become a better writer.

Joe Waldon – The thing I appreciate about Mr. Waldon is that he has been through everything with me this year.  He has made me feel safe, loved and worthy this year.  I know I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him.  He is nice and he appreciates everything and is only mean when he needs to be.  He is super caring and I can always go to him when I have a problem.  He greets us every morning when we come into the building telling us to have a positive and great day. He always says hi to me in the lunchroom and in the hallways.  He helps me when something is going on.  He also helps me when I need something.  He checks in with me and makes sure I am doing okay.  He makes sure I am doing good in all my classes.  He always greets me when I am walking inside from lunch.   He cares about everyone and has a big heart.  He understands my situation.  He has helped me and my brother so much.  He has always been there for me.  He is a funny teacher who teaches us about respect.  He has a fun photography enrichment class. He always comes to school with a smile.  He is one of the nicest people I have ever met.  He is the glue that holds Skinner together.  He is always there when I need him. He is always so nice and happy and funny.  He is the nicest person in the entire world and he really cares about every teacher and every kid.  He wants everyone to have the best day and best lives ever.  He is so supportive and caring for every student.  I love how he knows our names.  It makes students feel like individuals and that they are special. He is always at the door, rain snow or shine and always has a friendly greeting for us.  He has always been there for me when I am sad.  He listens to everyone even if the student is in trouble.  He helped me get through tough times.  During the time in my life when I was very lost and scared he was there for me.  He helped me push through it.  He’s always making me feel better about my day. He always smiles and is constantly encouraging kids.  He makes you feel comfortable talking about how you feel.  He believes in me that I can make it to the top.  He makes the students at Skinner feel appreciated and cared for. He always makes things more fun. He is willing to drop whatever he is doing to talk to me when I am upset.  He helped me get a trapper keeper.


Amy Winter – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Winter is that she is positive in every class.  She is serious about our work yet is funny in class and we always get our work done because not doing so is not an option.  She’s cool, very caring and funny.  She treats us like real people in the real world.  She punishes us fairly and never picks favorites.  She has fun with us and has a great teaching style that really helps us learn.  She pushes us to learn.  She is tough but kind.  She is trustworthy and friendly.  She really wants to make sure I am doing my absolute best in her class and all my other classes. She keeps you on track.  She is always fun to have around and is always happy to talk to you or laugh with.  She has the perfect balance of learning, safety and practical joking.  She is almost always smiling and she is a really good teacher.  She teaches you interesting things and she explains them in a good way.  She is always enthusiastic about anything.  She doesn’t put up with bad attitudes.  She is very passionate about her job which makes the learning environment in her class very fun.  She is nice and can be mean when necessary.  She doesn’t just teach science she teaches responsibility. She cares about all of her students.  When she is in a terrible mood she tells us.  That helps us.  I love her class.  She’s a good influence.  She always makes me smile and she pushes me to do better.  She’s easy to talk to when there is a problem.  She feels like a friend. She is someone I can trust.  She keeps us engaged and she makes things easy to understand.  She is strict so that we do good work.  She makes you have a good mood every time you go to her class because she is very kind and always has a positive attitude.  She is a strict teacher who gets the point across in a good way.  She always finds a fun activity that will help us learn more than a lecture ever could.  She wants us to be successful.  She is hard and strict which helps me get focused and on task.  She is not mean. She just wants us to be successful.  She is always pushing me to do my best even when I don’t think I can do it.  She always raises the bar for me to reach or exceed expectations.  She made cross country practices fun.  She is good at joking around and staying on topic at the same time.  She knows when to give a pep talk.  She not only pushes me to do my best in science but also in life.  She makes school a place I want to go to everyday.  She motivates me to continue with my learning.  She is always caring about me and always waves to me or says hi to me in the hallway.  She always encourages me.

Jordan Zogler-Brown – The thing I appreciate about Ms. Z is that she helps me stop hurting myself and stop disturbing others.  She helps me calm down when I am frustrated or upset.  She provided me with feedback on my science fair project allowing me and my partner to get the opportunity to go to the Metro Science Fair.


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