We The People Congressional Hearings

The seventh annual “We The People Congressional Hearings” took place in Skinner’s auditorium on November 7. The Hearings are an opportunity for 8th Grade students, in teams of five or six, to demonstrate their knowledge and presentation skills before a panel of outside judges. The judges are drawn from various backgrounds, such as State Representatives, City Council Members, and School Board Members. Skinner Students prepared themselves over the course of an eight week Social Studies unit. Topics of the unit included: John Locke, the Declaration of Independence, the structure of the U.S. government, Judicial Review, the First Amendment, and Civic Participation.

Examples of the tough questions the students faced were:

  • Is it legal to put instructions on how to make a weapon on the internet?
  • Are there limits to a Skinner students’ First Amendment Rights while the student is at school?
  • Are you still a good citizen if you don’t vote or participate in government?

The morning passed quickly as the teams each presented before the panel for the question and answer sessions. The students displayed their depth of the subject matter, while also practicing their public speaking skills. The Social Studies department and all of the Skinner Scholars did a wonderful job. Congratulations to the winning team: Jianna, Mia, 
Daniel, and Alejandro.

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