Visual Arts at Skinner

An “All Of You Are Artists!” banner hangs on the wall of Skinner Middle School’s visual arts room, reminding students of our classroom motto.  We live out a belief that all students have the ability to create powerful artwork, while building self-confidence along the way.  Skinner students from all grades are introduced to countless different art mediums including everything from clay sculptures to digital self-portraits and painted murals to hang in our hallways.  Skinner’s brightly colored art room is set up for collaboration and creativity where students learn the importance of working together as well as individually.

Our art projects are inspired by contemporary and historic art, focusing on the process just as much as the final product.  We use artwork to embrace the variety of cultures we have at Skinner as well as the community we share in Northwest Denver.  Our projects are chosen to help educate our students of their individuality, their community and the world around them.  Our goal is to use visual art to help students build lifelong skills that they can take with them to high school, college and in their chosen career.

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