Transition to High School

Skinner 8th Grade Continuation Requirements:  COMING SOON

North High School is Northwest Denver’s neighborhood high school and Skinner’s 8th graders and their families are encouraged to investigate this excellent high school option.

Click here for information about North for prospective families.NorthCrestVikingsLogoColorHiRes

On March 13, 2013, North’s Principal, Ms. Veltze, was named a 2013 A+ Denver “Game Changer”

“North High School’s Nicole Veltze has not so quietly made comprehensive and positive changes to North High School. She has focused on instruction and development of a school culture focused on learning. North has thus far shown student growth and we applaud Ms. Veltze’s tenacity and vision.  We look forward to an increasing number of North students demonstrating college readiness.”


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