Thankful for Skinner’s Excellent Program

DPS Superintendent Tom Boasberg and several members of his staff visited Skinner last week to chat with students about their experiences at Skinner. Representing all three grades – 6th, 7th and 8th – these kids made it clear they are thankful for Skinner’s excellent academic program:

Academic Classes

I like that Skinner identified me quickly as being advanced and I was put in 7th grade honors math.
-Hannah Murrell, 6th grader

I like Honors Math and I’m really looking forward to Geometry next year.
-Dominique Maes, 7th grader

Student-led Conferences

I really like how conferences are student-led. They make me more responsible about my learning and I’m a lot more confident in myself and my plan at Skinner.
-Xiasia Song, 6th grader

I like the student-led conferences because they make me feel like a grown-up.
-Elijah Perez, 8th grader

Learning Families

I like the learning families because we’re reading a book together and we’re also trying to get plastic bags banned. Learning family really helps me prepare for my day.
-Ellen Spetnagle, 8th grader

College Planning

I’m in College 4 Y.O.U. (Neighborhood Center program) and it’s really helping me think about my future.
-Ramiro Godina Rodriguez, 8th grader

The only gripe? This came from 7th grader Cierra Montoya: “I’d like more healthy lunches and more veggies.” Hard to argue with that!

Wow, Skinner students are focused on achievement and their future…and Superintendent Boasberg walked away impressed with Skinner scholars! What’s not to love about Skinner? We’re all grateful on this Thanksgiving 2011 that Skinner is the excellent middle school choice for Northwest Denver.

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