Students complete their mentorships in medicine, journalism, photography and programming

Four students, driven and passionate about their interests, recently completed mentorships in a variety of careers. DPS students are selected from teacher referrals, and Program Manager Laura Kent is extremely impressed each year:  “Skinner teachers have done a wonderful job of identifying passionate students who are strong candidates for this program. It demonstrates their rapport and connection with the students.”

Each student met regularly with a volunteer mentor in their profession, and completed a project and class presentation. The following students participated this spring:

Ben Waters, medical mentorship with Kori Neessen, medical student at Anschutz Medical Center.Ben spent his mentorship around cadavers and human organs, and did an in-depth study on concussions. He even brought some of the organs to his class presentation. “I am so happy that this opportunity was available to me. It really inspired me in my life. Now I’m really interested in medicine. My mentor was so nice and so hard working but was still funny and able to make it fun.” class presentation

Melina Kilen, journalism mentorship with Julie Dugdale, senior editor at 5280 Magazine.

Melina visited Julie weekly in her downtown office, learning about the writing process and magazine production. She met with staff involved in the production, and is now even more motivated to pursue a career in writing. For her project, Melina wrote a restaurant review by doing research, interviewing the owner, and writing the story. restaurant review

Dorian Earnest, vintage photography mentorship with Mandell Winter, Colorado Camera Collectors Club.Dorian developed photos in a dark room, attended a camera show, and explored antique camera collections. class presentation

Max Julien, programming mentorship with Addison LeMessurier, programmer at Phobic Studios. Max built an iPhone app while learning about the variety of roles in software development: designers, testers, sound designers, artists, publishers, producers, and investors. “At my time inside Phobic, I realized how fun the job is.” By the end, Max was addicted to writing code! class presentation

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