Lady Scorpions Meet the CU Women’s Basketball Team

CU bball3

After a fun night of cheering CU to a win over Arizona, the Skinner athletes were shocked to also meet the players and get autographs. “Not only did the students get to experience a college game in a college venue, our Skinner Scholars were invited to meet the Lady Buffs and talk to them about college and sports!  The trip completely exceeded my expectations,” Skinner’s Coach Frahm boasted.

“Our girls were welcomed onto the court to form a tunnel for players as they were introduced before the game.  During the game, our players watched the action carefully, studying the athletes’ execution of a defensive zone, fast breaks, and half-court offense. They erupted in cheers every time a three point shot launched t-shirts into the crowd,” said Coach Frahm.

After the final buzzer sounded, sealing CU’s 68-47 win over Arizona, a few girls ventured down to the court to ask players to sign posters. To their surprise, the players invited them to wait outside the locker room to meet them after the post-game meeting!  One by one, players emerged and chatted with our girls as they provided autographs.  Our Lady Scorpions asked questions like:  “Where are you from?” “Why did you choose to come to Boulder?” “What’s college like?” and “What advice do you have for improving at basketball?”

Said 7th Grader Amelia Gardner, “It was really cool to watch how well they played.  All of the players were really nice and they gave us great tips.  I’m definitely going to try for an athletic scholarship for college.”

The CU players gamely answered all questions. As for tips, the players suggested honing ball handling skills, practicing every day, and playing with boys as often as possible.  On the drive back to Denver, the girls chatted excitedly about how amazing it would be to play college basketball.

Tickets to the January 25 game were provided by Ralphie’s Kids Roundup, a program that offers opportunities for kids (8th grade and under) to experience college sports at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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