Skinner’s Football Team – ca. 1924

Know anyone who went to Skinner in 1924? Below is a photo and note we received at Skinner via email at Skinner:

“I have a picture of the Skinner football team from 1924. We found this with my husband’s grandfather’s things, Drickus George Packer, he also went by George Packer. I don’t know if he attended your school but if he did it would have been prior to 1924. He did have a brother Russell Packer and a younger brother Walter Packer. We are not sure who is in the football picture there are some names on the back but no one we know. I have attached the picture if you are interested, any help you can give me or if there is someone who has an archive of records for your school that would be great, just trying to solve the mystery of ‘the football picture'” from Loretta Crowell


Skinner Football 1924


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