Skinner Scientists participate and win in Metro Science Fair!

Congratulations to all of our Skinner Scholars who participated in the Metro Science Fair in February!  The 53rd Annual Cardel Homes Regional Science Fair (CHRSF) for middle and high school students took place February 19th and 20th.  Skinner sent 25 students to compete in this exciting and challenging event that draws from the seven-county Denver metropolitan area; the best minds from grades 6 through 12!

The Denver Metro Region is one of 13 International Science and Engineering Fair Regions in the state that feed to the Colorado State Science Fair.  We would like to recognize the following students and families for participating in this competition.  The students represented Skinner proudly!
6th Grade:  Piper A., Kate A., Lucy E., Lucy C., Madeline B., Annika M., & Ava G.
7th Grade:  Grace E., Satena C-L., Ella R., Jake J., Yuliangel D-D., Jake D., Joshua M., Bente B., Shane W., Ian S., Gabriel A., Zach I., & Laila S.
8th Grade: Lindsey P., Genevieve R-S., Ruby S., Isla A., Esther C.

We would also like to celebrate the following students for their accomplishments and placing in the competition! We are thrilled that four of our students placed this year, up from two last year!

Junior Biomed & Health Sciences 1st Place – Isla Anderson, 8th Grade: The Effects of Water Contaminants on the Microbiome of a Stalk Eyed Fly
Junior Plant Sciences 2nd Place – Ruby Stith, 8th Grade: Type of Seed vs. Distance Dispersed By Wind
Junior Plant Sciences 1st Place – Laila Smith, 7th Grade: How Fruit Affects Plant Growth
Junior Animal Science 3rd Place – Grace Even, 7th Grade: The Effects of a Natural and Artificial Habitat on Fish Preference

And two of our scholars won special awards:
Certificate of Excellence sponsored by Cherry Creek Stewardship Partners  
Awarded to: Isla Anderson, 8th Grade: The Effects of Water Contaminants on the Microbiome of a Stalk Eyed Fly
Earth System Science Award sponsored by NASA
Awarded to: Joshua Miller, 7th Grade: What Type of Stabilization Strategy Best Prevents Sand Dune Erosion

Congratulations Skinner Scientists!

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