Skinner Science Olympiads!

For the first time in recent history, Skinner was one of only two DPS teams (East High was the other) to compete in the recent Colorado Science Olympiad. School teams of 15 students competed to demonstrate their science knowledge in 23 events covering all areas of science, from Anatomy to Meteorology.

Skinner scholars showed they know their way around the scientific method:

  • The 8th grade team came in 4th place for experimental design, 9th place for water quality and 26th overall
  • The 6th grade team came in 15th for keep the heat, 16th place for anatomy and 30th overall

Olympiads worked on lab practicals and pencil-and-paper tests, in addition to “build it” opportunities, including:

  • Rotor egg drop – students constructed a device according to parameters to safely spin a raw egg to the ground without breaking (think helicopter).
  • Mouse trap car – students used the lever of the mouse trap to provide force to move a self-constructed vehicle to a prescribed distance.
  • Boomilever -students constructed a balsa wood fixed-crane device designed to hold the most weight possible

We are so proud of the accomplishments of our students and teachers in our science department!  Now what we know what to expect – look out world!

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