Skinner Science Fair Winners!

Congratulations to all of our Skinner Scientists AND our amazing Science teachers on another amazing Skinner Science Fair! Please see below for the Top 10 projects and the top 3 prize winners from each grade. Photos below.

Thank you to the 30 adult judges and 58 North High students who served as judges. BIG thank you to our Science teachers for putting in so much hard work not only with the students but also all of the behind the scenes planning that goes into the Skinner Science Fair.

Scientists, good luck in the upcoming DPS and Metro Science Fairs!

6th Grade

1)Abigail Stelman- The effect of Amoxicillin and Tylenol on Plant Growth

2) Eliza Brodsky and Ellen Youngstrom- The effect of surface type on force generated by a hovercraft.

3) Rachel Saghbazarian and Logan Anderson- The effect of candle size on rising time of a balloon.

Oliver Rock

Cristopher Guiterrez

Annika Davenport

Jameson Gleaton

Sofia Leone and Evan Radey

Helen Deming and Pearl Phillips

Lola Goldman and Jordan Frank

Most Creative: Zia Esquibel and Analicia Humilidad

Grit: Louis Calkin

7th Grade

Thomas Cook           First Place- The Effect of Soil Composition on Water Pollution Rates

Olivia Ortiz and Maeve Reidy      Second Place- The Effects of Minor Water Inundation on Various Common Indoor Flowers

Eli Schwartz     Third Place- The Effect of Yeast Fermentation on Polysaccharides & Disaccharides

Helen Goldberg

Liliana Echevarria

Lilliana Bateman

Phoebe Fowler

Daisy Holtzinger & Elsa Homer

Reese Ripley & Polly Bungum

Frankie Dardano & Lorenzo Guerra

8th Grade

Lia Dino          First Place- The Effect of Biosolid Sludge on the Growth Curve of E. Coli and the Impact of Antibiotics

Simon Leff       Second Place- Effect of Acids and Bases on Unbuffered and Buffered Systems’ pHThu Nguyen (Taow Nwen)

Gabi Isom      Third Place- The Effect of Intensity of Sound Waves on Number of Words Retained

Coco Goldman

Wylie Cornish

Lily Grasso-Rudawsky

Skyler Kasnoff

Kaylee Apodaca

Emilio Carrasco



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