Skinner scholars show off science skills

Skinner Science Fair winnersSkinner scholars showed off their science skills at last week’s Skinner Science Fair. Students submitted some excellent projects and made impressive presentations.  Winners to congratulate include:

6th grade

  • 1st place – Dorian Earnest
  • 2nd place – Clara Fiero and Cindy Fuentes
  • 3rd place – Milena Kilen

7th grade

  • 1st place – Maya Stone & Avery Ahern
  • 2nd place – Ben Waters
  • 3rd place – Hannah Murrel

8th grade

  • 1st place – Kollette Lavoy
  • 2nd place – Dominique Maes
  • 3rd place – Nate Buntin

All of us are grateful to the volunteers who generously gave their time and skills to judge the competition – we couldn’t have done it without you!

We are expecting three 6th graders, ten 7th graders and twenty-five 8th finalists and science honor students to advance to the Denver Metro Science Fair at the Museum of Nature and Science on February 27th.  Because the participation and transportation costs for each student total $25, we are looking for donations to ensure all of our scientifically minded students can participate – for more information on how to help, please contact Brittnee Kidder-Davis at 720-424-1435 or 303-905-3345.

Many thanks to everyone who made the 2012 Skinner science fair a big success – we’re looking forward to an even better one next year!



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