Skinner Goes To Washington

skinner-white-houseEvery other year Skinner’s 8th Grade US History teacher, Mr. Dehning, leads a school trip to Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, PA for 7th and 8th graders. This year 37 students left bright and early on Sunday, May 4th along with teachers Ms. Allen and Ms. Winter.  For several students it was their very first time ever taking an airplane and traveling out of state.  For all, it was a week away from their families to explore, have fun, and learn outside of the classroom setting.


The trip began in Washington D.C where the group visited many prominent and important memorials such as the Lincoln, Kennedy and MLK Memorials.  They continued on to visit the Smithsonian Museums and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to explore difficult but important periods in history.  After D.C. the students went to Gettysburg to learn about not only the Civil War, but also the Amish people.  Gettysburg was followed by two days in Philadelphia to learn about the Founding Fathers and the birth of our nation.


Ian Spetnagel, 8th grader, reflected,“ There was no better place to visit than where our whole country was built.  It was a great trip.”  Sister to Ian, 7th grader, Olivia Spetnagel stated, “It was an incredible learning experience that opened a door for the many more travels I hope to pursue.  The best part very well may have been the silly jokes we shared together. It was a trip that will never be forgotten and will only enrich other future travels.

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