Skinner Excellence – 6th Grade Teacher Wins Prestigious Coaching Award

imageMs. Frahm Receives the CenturyLink Leadership in Coaching Award

Jessica Frahm, Creative Writing and 6th grade Language Arts teacher, and Scorpions Softball and Girls’ Basketball coach received the CenturyLink Leadership in Coaching award at the Colorado Avalanche game on January 10.  Coach Frahm was presented with a giant $1,000 check for Skinner Athletics and many of the Skinner teaching staff as well as Coach’s Frahm’s mom, visiting from out of town, were able to attend the game to help celebrate her award.

Sarah Poellet, 7th grade Math teacher and her co-coach, nominated Coach Frahm for the award.  Below are excerpts from Coach Poellet’s nomination:

When the bell rings at the end of the school day and teachers everywhere are collapsing in exhaustion at another day done, Coach Frahm switches into her mesh shorts and Skinner t-shirt and finds her whistle.  Coach Frahm is outstanding in the way she focuses on each of her players as not just players, but as players, students and people all at the same time.  While most practices start with stretching or sprinting, Coach Frahm starts her practices off in her classroom with all players completing 25 minutes of study hall time.  With Coach, school comes first.  Following that, a practice full of smiles and hard work ensues that leaves her players tired, but asking for more.

Coach Frahm has the amazing ability to not only impart fundamental skills of the sport to her players, but also life lessons.  One student in particular epitomizes the effect her coaching has on the student athletes at Skinner Middle School.  This student in 6th grade struggled to focus in class and often had weeks’ worth of missing homework assignments.  Coach Frahm took this player under her wing and used sports to encourage the student to figure out how to be successful in school AND sports.  There were ups and downs, but through it all she never gave up on the student.  Flash forward two years and the student is now an 8th grader at Skinner.  The 6th grade teachers barely recognize the student as she is the first to get her homework turned in and is the star athlete of the school.  This is all in thanks to the never ending efforts of Coach Frahm.  To Coach Frahm, it’s not about winning every game, but instead getting better every game. 

About the CenturyLink Leadership in Coaching Award:

CenturyLink is excited to team up with the Colorado Avalanche this season to recognize outstanding Colorado coaches with the CenturyLink Leadership in Coaching Program. Students, parents and faculty members can nominate a coach from any public or private school in the state of Colorado.  Monthly winners will be recognized at Avalanche games from January to March.


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