Skinner Cares Day – Please talk with your child!

Skinner Cares Day

Skinner Cares Day was today. Students from Leadership facilitated most of the day’s activities, with support from Learning Family mentors. Learning Families were paired up so that each group was 30-35 students.Each grade level had a specific focus and activities. We started our day with our Learning Families enjoying a potluck breakfast. Following breakfast, the Learning Family groups had a day of meaningful activities, learnings and lots of growing.

6th Grade – Bullying & Empathy: Students participated in group activities such as Never Have I Ever, Balloon Bullying and Sneetches.  The 6th grade then gathered in the auditorium for a talk with Ms. Hale which included watching the powerful spoken-word poem To This Dayby Share Koyczan – we encourage you to watch with your family, click here.  Following lunch, the 6th graders watched the profound and emotional movie Bully.  Their day wrapped up with reflection time and more activities.  You might ask your 6th grader if they’d like to share their If You Really Knew Me with you or process the movie with you.

7th Grade – Self-Esteem: Following breakfast, the 7th graders watched the move Cyberbully. This movie was chosen because more and more students report hurtful things posted online, which causes huge damage to kids’ self-esteem. It’s available to watch free on YouTube, click here.  Activities like Cross the Line and the Appreciative Confidence Gamefollowed. This afternoon, we watched and discussed a video about a remarkable boy and his mom, Overcoming Obstacles: The Boy who Sees Without Eyes.  We encourage you to watch the video, click here.

8th Grade – Respecting Yourself and Others: Students participated in group activities including Trees & Leaves of Respect, Sweet Respect and Boys & Girls Real Talk.  Following lunch the 8th graders watched the powerful movie, Remember the Titans.  We talked about concepts like masks and labels, teamwork and adversity.  Please talk to your 8th grader about some realizations they had today, especially around bias and racism.


We created a collective art piece today that involved all of students and staff members putting their handprints on our softball/baseball field wall on 41st Avenue. Our students are making their mark on Skinner and on the world. Stop by the north side of the school and check it out.Thank you for your part in making this a meaningful day for our students.

**Please note that Skinner’s monthly PTO Meeting is coming up on Tuesday, March 1st at 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm in the Library. Skinner alum and DPS Internet expert Brian Dino will be speaking to our group on Internet Safety and Cyberbullying. Please join us for this timely discussion.

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