Skinner Cares Day 2015

Yesterday, January 29, was Skinner Cares Day.  This is the 3rd year where the focus has been inward, on our Skinner Family. The entire day was planned by our Student Leadership Team. The focal point for each grade was different.  6th – Anti-bullying; 7th – Perseverance & Grit; 8th –Race and Bias.

The students each wrote their six word memoir on a ribbon which we tied to our fence in the shape of a heart, see examples below. Some are very powerful. We tied them in a heart shape to represent our work today around empathy.

The culminating activity each year is our “Family Picture” which is a large human peace sign made up by the student body and faculty. We are working to know each other better so we can connect and be kind.

peace sign



skinner memoir 3 skinner memoir 2 skinner heart memoir 1skinner heart


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