Skinner basketball season is coming

Skinner Scorpion 7th and 8th grade boys and girls basketball season is almost here!  In middle school, 7th and 8th graders play basketball from December 3rd to February 22nd, while 6th grade basketball players’ season is a spring sport, from March 11th to May 17th.

Our student-athletes will work on dribbling, passing and teamwork as they prepare to meet middle school teams from across the district for games. Ms. Goebel is the coach for the girls team and Mr. Duran will coach the boys.

To participate, students must be academically eligible throughout the season, pay a $25 participation fee when equipment is issued and must complete and sign the following documents:

  • Physical (within a year of participation
  • Parent permission slip and emergency contact information
  • Code of conduct
  • Financial responsibility

For more information, please contact Skinner Athletic Director James Duran at 720-424-1433 or or look at the Athletics page on the website at

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