Skinner Arts Nights Recap

Skinner Arts Nights were an unqualified success with our students demonstrating their excellence in Choir, Drama, Band, Orchestra and Jazz Band for family and friends.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 were outstanding Drama and Choir performances. The Drama class performed  “Demeter vs. Hady-Poo” and “Hoodie” to a packed house. Our thespians are very talented and big thank you to drama teacher Ms. McAdams!

drama night


Thursday, December 15, 2016 was the concert featuring performances by our 6th Grade Orchestra, 7th & 8th Grade Orchestra, 6th Grade Band, 7th & 8th Grade Band and Jazz Band.  The different ensembles played a wide variety of delightful pieces including a creative poem with amazing sound effects. The band was also outstanding and the jazz band was rocking!

The concert was held at North High to provide all the seats needed for family and friends in the audience.  The Skinner musicians were very excited to be performing in such a grand venue on such a large stage.

Seeing (and hearing) the progression and growth in the different grade levels was truly remarkable. Mr. Dwyer is truly an outstanding music teacher with immense patience and good humor!

IMG_6253 IMG_6255 IMG_6258 IMG_6259 IMG_6260 IMG_6261
IMG_6263 IMG_6266



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