Science Fair – A Strong Academic Showing for Skinner

skinner sci fair winners 13-14 and staffA hearty congratulations to the 2013 Skinner Science Fair participants.  Participation at the fair was its largest to date with close to 200 students participating. Skinner welcomed over 45 community members who served as Science Fair judges.  As Skinner Scholars explained and defended their projects, judges had the extremely difficult task of choosing winners due to the caliber and quality of the projects presented.

The winning students and their projects advance to the DPS Science Fair Saturday, January 25 at the Denver Zoo.  DPS sixth grade – high school winners will then move on to compete in the Denver Metro Regional Science Fair, held March 5–6, 2014, at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  We will keep you posted if any of our Skinner Scholars advance on to the next level. We wish all of the winners the best of luck!

Please see below for a list of the winners and projects.

6th Grade

1st Place:  Isla Anderson, “The Effect of Amputation Location on Earthworm Regeneration”

2nd Place:  Owen Buffington & Sam Vogl, “The Effect of Different Chemicals on Melting Ice Over 20 Minute Periods”

3rd Place:  Esther Cornish & Lili Gregg, “The Effect of Radiation on the Growth of Radishes”


7th Grade

1st Place:  Derek Graves, “Does the Changes in Helmet Type Effect the Force Felt by the Melon?”

2nd Place:  Dorian Earnest, “The Effect of Different Materials on the Transfer of Energy”

3rd Place:  Kaydee Koch & Olivia Spetnagel, “The Effect of Sweet and Salty Foods on the Heart Rate of 7th and 8th Grade Females”


8th Grade

1st Place:  Avery Ahern, “The Effect of Light Color on Visibility in Whiteout Conditions”

2nd Place:  Max Buchanan, “The Effect of the Boiling Time on an Egg on the Thickness of the Egg White/Yolk (The “Perfect” Soft Boiled Egg)”

3rd Place:  Glenn Holzhauer, “The Effect Quantity of Bucky (Magnet) Balls has on the Distance at Which Another Bucky Ball Attracts – in Centimeters”



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