Ruby Lopez Biography

Mrs. Lopez was born and raised in Denver. After completing her education in Denver Public Schools, she went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Spanish from the University of Denver and a Master’s degree in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment afterwards. Ruby teaches Spanish to all grade levels and enjoys being part of a great community Skinner has to offer and sharing her experiences with her students as she learned to value her native language through education. Through the fun curriculum Spanish has to offer, Ruby hopes to inspire love in a second language, curiosity within different cultures and a passion to seek future careers where their bilingualism will be valuable! “‘Language is Power’ I tell my students to repeat the sentence after me as I stop and question our motives for learning a second language constantly. I want my students to not only reflect on the sentence on a daily basis, but truly believe the meaning of it.” When Mrs. Lopez is not in the classroom with her awesome students, she is at home enjoying every minute with her son and husband!

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