Neighborhood Center’s Community Connects Program Update

It has been a busy few months with our Community Connects students.  When they are not on trips learning about potential career pathways, our scholars are busy researching and putting together their blog (soon to come on the website).  Below is a recap of their latest excursions.

January 23: Metro State School of Hospitality

Chef Lamb showed Skinner students what it’s like to have a career in the kitchen.  Students worked with state-of-the-art commercial equipment like vacuum sealed freezers and pizza ovens in Metro State’s brand new facility.  Students learned about the world of eggs, including boiling temperatures, different methods of preperation, and how to find out the freshness of an egg by cracking it open. Of course eating was a big part of this visit.  Look out for the next generation of Skinner chefs at high-end restaurants to come.

February 6: State Capitol

Students took a tour of the Capitol Building, visiting the old Colorado Supreme Court, as well as the Senate and House meeting rooms. Escorted by former representative, Kathy Williams, who helped bring professional baseball to Colorado, we met the Speaker pro Tempore and Skinner’s District Representative, Dan Pabon.  Students learned about the benefits, obstacles, and the steps to become a representativeand obstacles that you might have to overcome.  Overall, it was a wonderful trip that allowed students to learn about their State government and the many things that happen on Denver’s own Capitol Hill.

February 20: Regis University Broadcast Careers & Magis Week Mentorship

26 Skinner students teamed with 25 Regis students during Regis’ Magis Week of Service for a fun, busy evening.  Students toured and learned about media careers in the new radio station and created an anti-bullying commercial that was broadcasted (and will continue to be) on Ranger Radio.  Paired with a mentor, Skinner students ate dinner and discussed a range of social issues before heading to the ndoor practice field for a game of dodgeball and soccer.  Thanks to all who made this special day possible.

Upcoming Schedule:

March 6: FBI Special Agent Justin Ferrell visits Skinner to discuss his work with terror cells ISIS, Al Quaeda, Islamic Jihad Union, and Taliban

March 20: Construction Careers @ CEC Middle College

April 17 & 18: Denver Digs presentations and planting of 3 trees at Skinner

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