Meet Skinner’s Spanish Teachers & Learn More About Spanish Program

Ms. Allen & Ms. Overton

Skinner Middle School offers two tracks of Spanish language instruction taught by two full-time Spanish teachers: Ms. Mary Overton and Ms. Annabelle Allen.

Ms. Overton grew up in Littleton, CO and attended CSU.  In her second year of teaching at Skinner, she reports that “One of my favorite things about teaching at Skinner is that the students rise to the high expectations of the teachers every day.  This means that the students are constantly working hard both at their school work and how they act as community members. Secondly, the staff at Skinner is truly one of a kind –they support and inspire me daily to be better and work harder each and every day!”

Skinner’s newest Spanish teacher is Ms. Allen, who grew up in Leadville, CO, the highest incorporated city in the United States.  She received her Associate of Arts degree from Colorado Mountain College in Leadville, then received undergraduate degrees in Spanish and Criminology from the University of Denver – now she is 3 classes away from finishing DU’s Teacher Certification and Masters Completion program.  When asked about her favorite thing about Skinner she said, “One favorite thing!?!? Impossible!  I suppose if I had to choose one thing it would be the students here. I love each and every one of them and I am enjoying their enthusiasm and inquisitive nature. I can’t wait to see them develop in their language skills over this year, and the years to come!”

During Ms. Overton’s free time, she loves to spend time with her husband and family, especially outside doing any activity including walking, running, biking, and skiing. Ms. Allen’s passions are: family and friends, traveling, and food.  Any opportunity she has to go somewhere, meet new people, see new sights, explore new cultures, and taste new foods, she takes it.  She’s been to 14 different countries and is “only getting started”.

About Skinner’s Spanish Language Programming:

The first track is Spanish for Heritage/Dual-Language Speakers (SHS). In 6th grade, students who have never had a formal Spanish class before, but have been exposed to the language (parents/ grandparents at home speak Spanish) will take SHS-1A. Students who have had Spanish classes (dual language programs, TINLI school, schooling in Mexico etc.) will go in to SHS-1B. See the progressions below.

The second track is Spanish for Second Language Learners. In 6th grade, students who have never had a formal Spanish class before will take 1A. Students who have had Spanish classes (Spanish as a Special, after school Spanish classes, etc.) will take 1B. See the progressions below.

The progression is as follows:

  • SHS-1A > SHS-1B > SHS-2 > Skinner SHS-3 > potential of AP Spanish / THIRD Language in HS
  • 1A > 1B > 2 > Skinner 3 > potential of AP Spanish / THIRD Language in HS

Our Spanish 3 classes (both second language and SHS) will be a hybrid, preparing students for Spanish Literature classes and/or AP Spanish courses in High School. We aim to accelerate those students who have had Spanish, so they can take AP Spanish (for college credit) as Freshmen and/or Sophomores, and then more on to a acquiring a THIRD language.

Skinner Middle School is dedicated to building students’ Spanish language skills, from beginner to Heritage Spanish speakers.

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