Why do our students “Love Their School”?

February has been designated by CSC and PTO as “Love Your School” month. From strong academics to the wealth of extra-curricular programming, we truly have something special here in Northwest Denver!
Please take a look at this video for how you can help support us maintaining what we have for our children for years to come! https://vimeo.com/247848519/92a75d62bf

“I love my school because all the kids are nice, all the teachers are nice, and because I love working and learning!”
Roman Ramirez – 7th Grade

“I love Skinner because they have so much creativity with the core classes. Also I feel like I am learning everyday because the teachers are always challenging me in many ways. Also it feels like they are making me ready for high school which feels good.”

– Aaron Rodriguez, Grade 8

“I love Skinner because of all the friends and teachers I have.  They all are very amazing.  Another great thing about Skinner is the sports and the new people I can meet!”

– Isaiah Padilla, Grade 7

“I love Skinner because the teachers push me to do my best.  At Skinner, they let you be your individual self.  I also love Skinner because it is a peaceful school and every time I walk into the building, I feel safe.  I also feel like I can talk to anyone.”

– Zion Robinson Grade 7

“I love the diversity at Skinner.  It’s cool to learn about other cultures and know people who know things about different kinds of cultures.  I also love the music program.  It’s always fun playing pieces of music you might know!”

– Lucia Reyland-Slawson Grade 8

 “I love Skinner because the community helped me realize that being myself is a great thing. They help kids here express themselves and handle things very professionally. I also love Skinner because people are friendly and the staff makes sure everyone is having a good time. Plus, Skinner has lots of fun after school programs that are always open to the kids. Skinner is amazing!”
                                                                                                                           – Arianna Montoya, Grade 7
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