Why do our students “Love Their School”?

February has been designated by CSC and PTO as “Love Your School” month. From strong academics to the wealth of extra-curricular programming, we truly have something special here in Northwest Denver!
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“Something I love about Skinner is Skinner Cares Day that we have. I love it because everyone bonds with each other. We also get to relate to other people and show compassion for what others have been through.”
Destinee McLeain- 8th Grade

“I love that there are so many things to do. There is a club for every interest and talent. We have special days like celebrations, spirit week, and holiday events. I also love the people, there are people here who care about you. That is what I love about Skinner”
Jade DeCamillis – 8th Grade

“I love Skinner because of the opportunities that it gives. I also love all the teachers and staff, and how they always say good morning or good afternoon with a smile. I love that they prepare you to go to high school so once you get there you are ready to go!”
Cierra Cabazos – 8th Grade

“I love Skinner because whenever I am having a hard time with my work, I am able to go to office hours so that I can get help on my work, catch up and get good grades”
Avery Campo – 7th Grade

RJ’s drawing of his favorite teachers speaks for itself
RJ Irizarry, Jr. – 7th Grade


“I love Skinner because they work very hard to help students feel safe and they have the best staff. Skinner is a safe environment where you can report anything that is bothering you or your friends. I love Skinner so much! It’s a great school!”
Alexa Madrid – 7th Grade

“I love my school because all the kids are nice, all the teachers are nice, and because I love working and learning!”
Roman Ramirez – 7th Grade

“I love Skinner because they have so much creativity with the core classes. Also I feel like I am learning everyday because the teachers are always challenging me in many ways. Also it feels like they are making me ready for high school which feels good.”

– Aaron Rodriguez, Grade 8

“I love Skinner because all the kids are very sweet and everyone cares about each other. My favorite thing about this school is wood shop. Mr. Duran is an amazing teacher and I just love the things we do. I look forward to having wood shop next year.”
Anna Garcia – 7th Grade

“I love Skinner because of all the friends and teachers I have.  They all are very amazing.  Another great thing about Skinner is the sports and the new people I can meet!”

– Isaiah Padilla, Grade 7

“I love Skinner because the teachers push me to do my best.  At Skinner, they let you be your individual self.  I also love Skinner because it is a peaceful school and every time I walk into the building, I feel safe.  I also feel like I can talk to anyone.”

– Zion Robinson Grade 7

“I love the diversity at Skinner.  It’s cool to learn about other cultures and know people who know things about different kinds of cultures.  I also love the music program.  It’s always fun playing pieces of music you might know!”

– Lucia Reyland-Slawson Grade 8

 “I love Skinner because the community helped me realize that being myself is a great thing. They help kids here express themselves and handle things very professionally. I also love Skinner because people are friendly and the staff makes sure everyone is having a good time. Plus, Skinner has lots of fun after school programs that are always open to the kids. Skinner is amazing!”
                                                                                                                           – Arianna Montoya, Grade 7
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