Letter to Prospective Skinner Families

Dear Prospective Skinner Middle School Family,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you as a potential member of the Skinner Middle School family.  I know you have some important choices to make in the upcoming months and I would like to help you make an informed choice by previewing what we have to offer.  Skinner Middle School offers the concepts, structures, and programs that the National Middle School Association believes all developmentally responsive middle schools are characterized by: a shared vision, educators who are committed to young adolescents, a positive school climate, an adult advocate for every student, family and community partnerships, and high expectations for all. Perhaps these features can best be described through a glimpse into a day in the life of a Skinner Middle School student.

A Skinner Middle School student walks through the front doors of a beautiful, historic building built in 1922 and updated for 21st Century students.  We have four state-of-the-art computer labs with internet access for student use, Promethean boards in all classrooms, a large library staffed with a full time librarian, two gyms, an indoor swimming pool and a newly renovated auditorium. The student enters first period Learning Family led by a Learning Family Mentor-Advocate. This Learning-Family Mentor Advocate checks homework, calls home to discuss academics and attendance, teaches character education and service learning, and provides a time for students to eat breakfast in the classroom.

The student then passes to rigorous core and core+ classes. The teachers who teach these classes participate in weekly professional development with their grade level teams and department teams. This professional development is focused on shared academic goals and specific ways to meet the academic needs of young adolescent learners, including students in Honors and GT. Other staff is available on a daily basis to provide support with Restorative Justice and other counseling/social support. The Skinner Prevention and Intervention Plan helps the student make good choices by clearly outlining behavioral expectations. If the student models good behavior, there is a good chance that s/he will be “Caught in the Act” and entered into a weekly positive incentive drawing. When the last period bell rings, the day has just begun.  The student can choose from a variety of after school activities including:  robust team sports offerings, tutoring, cooking, swimming, computer technology, Pre-Collegiate, and a whole host of other activities.

Skinner Middle School is a dynamic community of students and staff in a constant pursuit of high levels of academic and personal achievement.  The efforts of the staff have earned the school a “Green” rating on DPS’ School Performance Framework.  Skinner Middle School is a quality school right in the heart of the Northwest Denver Community.  It would be my personal pleasure to welcome you to our family.


Michelle Koyama

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