Jeanette Nicastri Bio

My name is Jeanette Nicastri (pronounced NUH-CAS-TREE) and I am the new Substance Preventionist.  I will be in the building (Room 102J) on Wednesdays and Thursdays and various times on two Fridays each month.  During the rest of the work week, I will be at Henry Middle School or in meetings at the Emily Griffith Center.

My Master’s degree is in social work and I obtained my degree from University of Michigan in 1996. I am new to DPS but have worked in school settings in Los Angeles Unified and the St.Vrain Valley School District in Longmont, Colorado  as well as worked with adolescents and families for several years.

Your school leaders were involved in selecting evidence based programs that will be implemented at Skinner this year. The programs are as follows: Lifeskills Training Program, Trauma Informed Systems of Care and Individual sessions.  Please feel free to ask me for more details if neededI was hired to do primary prevention in order to address the issue of substance use ideally before it starts, or to at least catch it in its earliest stages.  If a student were to need alcohol/drug treatment, then I can do an assessment and help with a referral for the student/family.  However, I was not hired to do drug and alcohol treatment, but rather to move upstream and address root causes, as well as help students build protective factors and resilience so that they don’t choose to use.

As educators, your time is limited and precious each day and I want to respect that by sending a brief email of introduction.   Please be patient with me as I am learning names of faculty, students and families at two schools as well as learning DPS policy and procedures.  I prefer direct communication and want positive and constructive feedback regarding how we can work together.

I look forward to our collaboration to provide an excellent educational experience for the scholars and families of Skinner Middle School.



Jeanette Nicastri, MSW, LCSW

Substance Preventionist

Henry World LMS 161D

Skinner Middle School 102J

Student Services: Office of Social Emotional Learning

720-423-2181 (Ext. 32181)

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