Introducing the Skinner Grands

A new group is forming to support the ongoing work of students and teachers at Skinner Middle School — The Grands. We are retired people who feel a connection with Skinner either because we live in the Skinner neighborhood or have grandchildren or grand-friends/relatives who attend Skinner. We want to support the work that the Skinner community has done and is doing to make this school a model neighborhood school for all children. We feel that “older” people need to be involved with children and schools and this is a way to do it. If indeed Skinner is a neighborhood school, then all segments of the community need to be involved.

The PTA has put together a list of possible volunteer projects. Projects include working with students directly and also helping with administrative tasks. We are looking into projects that fit the needs of the school and complement the skills of the Grands. We’ve already started on some projects, volunteering with the music program, the athletic program, and the office administration. Together we can figure out how to share the talents and skills of our generation with middle school children and their teachers.

Please call Marilyn or Larry Leff at 303-777-5790 to join the Grands and give us your ideas on how you would like to be involved at Skinner. You can also reach us at We will continue to update you on our progress.

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