“High Five” Skinner

Kids in gownsHave you heard about the new volunteering initiative at Skinner?  Studies show that the more parents and guardians are involved in their children’s education, the more successful their children will be.  We want to help Skinner students live up to their greatest potential, and we are starting a “High Five” campaign.  Families who participate at least five hours will be recognized at the end of the school year.  Volunteering also takes the form of participation.  You can volunteer/participate in the following ways: attend a student-led conference, bring food for teachers on occasions they stay late at school, help with the science fair, help set up an event and/or work at the event, put student work up on walls for teachers, etc.
Skinner is adopting a program called “Help Counter” that will help track hours and will give you information on which activities are available to you.  If you filled out a volunteer form at the beginning of the school year, your information is now available on Help Counter and you are able to begin clocking hours.  You can do so in the office at Skinner or you can do it from home.  You can access Help Counter from home by going to        www.helpcounterweb.com/homeaccess?aid=gsxkovmnxf

Thank you in advance for making Skinner the best middle school it can be.

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