Girls, Inc. Programs for Middle Schoolers

Girls Inc. Mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold!

Girls Inc. is an outstanding organization operating after-school and Saturday classes for girls of all ages.  Located in North Denver at Colfax and Julian St, the Girls Inc. bus will pick up program participants after school at Skinner and take them to the Girls Inc. facility.  Students can join programs at any time, but must commit to attending, it is not a drop-in facility.

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The Girls Inc. Experience

There are six essential elements to the Girls Inc. Experience. Together they provide a holistic approach that is grounded in a belief in girls’ rights and abilities. At different ages, developmental stages, or happenings in life, one essential element may be more dominant or present for that moment or period of time. However, that element is always supported and enhanced by the other elements.

The six essential elements of the Girls Inc. Experience are:

1. A pro-girl and girls-only environment that is physically, socially and emotionally safe and confirms that girls can succeed and deserve to be taken seriously for the persons they are now and the women they will become;

2. Trusting, mentoring relationships with adult staff and volunteers trained in an approach that is grounded in a belief in girls’ rights and abilities;

3. Holistic, compensatory, and intentional programming focused on girls’ needs and that provides exposure to a wide variety of experiences and options that girls might not have experienced otherwise;

4. Relevant, field-tested, and research-based curricula that confront the serious needs of girls while building the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to enable girls to be competent, confident individuals and adult women;

5. Girl-centered, motivating, deliberate, and interactive activities that develop and promote girls’ strengths.

6. Sustained exposure to programming and connection with a girl over time to increase positive outcomes and reduce the potential for negative outcomes.

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