Finding a Good Read

In schools everywhere, students arrive in the library with the assignment of checking out a book. Too often, their checked out books are dropped into the book return on their way out. But not at Skinner, where students find books they love to read.

Dr. Pacheco, the Skinner Librarian and Tech Coordinator, prides herself on finding a “just right” book for every student. For students Yehimi, Drew, and Harley, this approach has inspired them to dig deeper into their interests and explore new ones. The personalized attention from Dr. Pacheco inspired a new love of reading for one, who is reading her second book ever, a 350 pager that she cannot put down. Books that these students are reading now and suggest to others:

  • The Price of Loyalty, by Mike Castan
  • Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, by Ransom Riggs
  • Romiette and Julio, by Sharon Draper

How does Dr. Pacheco match the reading level and interests of each student to a book? Her rapport with the students keeps her in tune to their interests, and student assessments like SRI scores are used to find books written at the right level. Raising $26,000 in DPS boost money for new books over the past two years has helped too, substantially adding to the collection, which will be further extended with a donation from Barnes & Noble.

Another important role of the librarian at Skinner is supporting the curriculum. Dr. Pacheco is in constant contact with the staff and students to stay ahead of the content in each classroom. For Black History Month, she helped find funding to purchase a copy of In Darkness, by Nick Lake, for every student in an 8th grade class. This hero’s journey features parallel stories and a slave rebellion, and offers several opportunities for students to extend their learning through related books that she had selected. Skinner students are fortunate to have a librarian committed so their reading success!

If you would like to support the Skinner library, a few volunteer hours would be a big help with the inventory taking place in early April.  The library inventory must be completed every 5 years.  If enough volunteers can fill the shifts, the library will remain open to students and staff during those two weeks.

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