DPS Parent Satisfaction Survey – your help is needed!

Parents and Guardians,

As it was mentioned in the April Newsletter, it is time for the annual Parent Satisfaction Survey.  Your responses and return rate impact our School Performance Framework (SPF) rating so we thank you ahead of time for completing this survey.

To help ensure a high return rate, students are being offered a free dress day for the Learning Families with 90% and higher return rate.  There are two ways we will track returns: 1) Your student bringing the survey back to school (sealed) in the envelope provided or 2) if you use the mailing option as described on the form, the learning family mentor will be contacting you to verify it was mailed.

Here are a few more logistical items regarding the survey:

  • Some students will get more than 1 survey (if they live in multiple households).
  • Some students won’t get a survey (a sibling has been designated to get one for that family).
  • Some students will take home a Spanish survey based on the information about language preference when you registered for school.
  • Learning Families with 90% and higher return rate by Friday, April 17th will earn a free dress day on Monday, April 20th.

Thank you for your feedback!

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