Dorian: “My Science Fair Project”

I love science. Nearly every day I am theorizing a solution for a modern problem. But, one of the things I love the most is alternative fuels. Hydrogen is an area of interest, especially since I aspire to design and build a hydrogen powered car.

My science fair project started simply and humbly as an idea; how can I produce a usable amount of hydrogen? And after doing a little more research, the question became; The Effects of Sodium on Hydrogen Production in Water.

Simply put, I performed three simple tests, one in a jar, one in a tube and one with a car. All three tests were inconclusive in terms of results. I felt my presentation is what got me this far because I am able to very well describe my project.

The best part so far is placing in both fairs. I placed first in the school fair and third in the district fair, so I was definitely pleased! Making it all the way to metro was quite a challenge but, my ribbons were earned, that is what I enjoyed. And the biggest challenge yet the Metro Science Fair, and no matter what happens, I’ve earned my way here!

– Dorian, 6th grade Skinner student

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