Doctor or Dentist? Skinner Students Get Hands on Experience at University of Colorado

cu-med2If you think the day ends at 2:45 for Skinner Scholars, think again.  Last Saturday, 46 students who participate in the College 4YOU program traveled to University of Colorado-Anschutz Medical Campus for a day of hands-on health-related activities.  Students started the day with a discussion of college life followed by a trip to the dental school.  Each student had their own lab station, where they learned about dental hygiene and corrective procedures.  Every student had the opportunity to clean, drill, and add sealants to a model tooth.

Skinner 7th grader Carlene Beaton was inspired by this day and can one day see herself in a medical profession.“I got to learn about how to be a dentist, it was so fun we actually got to seal a tooth.”

Next, Skinner students learned about “simulations” and the importance of them in the medical field.  They used this knowledge to play doctor to a series of “dummy patients” who communicated through a walkie-talkie to a frantic relative.  Our Scholars soon understood the importance of making life-saving decisions in a chaotic work environment.


Students were energized, focused, and had tons of fun.  Many expressed interest in medical careers and followed up with staff from Anschutz.   How amazing is that.

Skinner’s Neighborhood Center ‘s College 4YOU Program provides students with an opportunity to learn about prospective careers, understand and experience different post-secondary institutions, and the learn about the college application process.  All of the students gain insight into college life one Saturday per month by visiting various colleges in Colorado.

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