D.J. will miss Skinner but excited for NHS

The three years I’ve spent at Skinner have been the best years of my life, so far. I am glad I chose Skinner because of the great staff, the students and the preparation Skinner has given me. The teachers are very supportive, with more one-on-one time to work out problems you’re facing. The staff is very trustworthy and nice. I also like my peers because they are all very respectful and welcoming. We treat each other as family. We talk to everyone without anyone being left out. At Skinner, we have no cliques, which is nice.

Skinner has prepared me for the peaks that lay ahead on my educational path. Skinner also gave me a strong foundation and very high expectations were placed on me at Skinner. A few ways Skinner has prepared me is that I can feel confident about being successful in Honors classes and I can do 10th grade math next year when I’m in 9th grade. With the magnificent learning experience I received at Skinner I am proud to call myself a Skinner Scholar.

The next chapter of my life will start at North High. I am so happy to be going to North for the next four years. I’m happy because the school is a rising star and I will love being a part of a small revolution. I am also excited about the great academics North provides to its students. I can take AP and college classes while I’m there. North sounds like a great school, it is very traditional. When I graduate from North, it will be exactly 50 years after my dad graduated from North. North is a new mountain of challenges, but because of Skinner, I am ready to travel this terrain.

– D.J. McAllister, 8th grade Skinner student


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