Congrats Mr. Joshua Duran!

BIG CONGRATS to Mr. Joshua Duran, Restorative Justice Coordinator at Skinner. Mr. Duran is this week’s “Living Our DPS Honoree”!

“Joshua Duran knows the Skinner Middle School community inside and out. He always puts Equity first and will do whatever it takes to support our students in their journey to emotional, academic and societal success. Joshua holds students accountable for their behavior in a manner that teaches them pro-social skills, while maintaining their dignity. When he isn’t in his office working on an issue with someone, he is sitting in the classroom supporting behaviorally struggling students so that they don’t miss out on important instructional time. Students can count on him ‘not to play’ when it comes to the serious stuff but to ‘be playful’ in building and maintaining strong relationships with them.

Joshua helped start the Latin Student Alliance at Skinner Middle School and through this student group he has lived all of the DPS Shared Core Values. He helped put on Denver’s second annual Segundo de febrero which is an event that teaches the history of the Mexican, Mexican American and Indigenous communities of the United States and how their history impacts those groups today. In this event, he guided students on art projects that explored who they are and helped them learn more about their history and identity. He is a true asset to Denver Public Schools.”
– Gabriela Mohr and Joe Waldon


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