Student Walk Out #ENOUGH

Skinner Middle School had a silent march thru the neighborhood today, March 14 in support of gun control legislation and the Enough: National School Walkout​. The event was conceived by Eighth-graders Ada Youngstrom, Lillian Lemme, and Rachel Zizmor, and planned by students with assistance from the entire staff, school admin and Denver Police District 1​. DPD Commander Paul Pazen along with many DPD officers were present at the march keeping our students safe. Thank you Denver Police District #1.

The students marched from the school to 38th Ave, up to Lowell, back down to Irving. A DPD motorcade closed the street to keep students safe. 17 students held signs on 38th Ave. It was incredibly powerful and moving and Skinner was honored to support the students in their silent protest.

Click here for 3/13 article on our amazing student organizers.

Fracking Seminar at Skinner

Each year, Skinner’s science students conduct a research project and Socratic Seminar on a particular topic. The topic covered this year was Fracking – Pros and Cons. Students did intense research on the subject and determined their position on fracking. The unit culminated this year with a 6th grade assembly on fracking with four special guests panelists. Thank you to our guests for participating.

The students who presented demonstrated a high level of intellectual discourse and we learned a tremendous amount from our guest panel experts as well.

In an amazing coincidence, one of the panel members, Mr. Haley, shared that his grandmother attended Skinner as a girl in the 1920s, not long after our school opened our doors!

Congratulations to our scholars and to our 6th grade science team!

Skinner Scholars: Farhiya Aden, Tate Dewhurst and Aiden Guzdar

Kaila Hood, Congressional Aide from Congresswoman DeGette’s office

Dan Haley, President and CEO of Colorado Oil & Gas Association

Catherine Blair, Senior Advisor, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

Dr. Aubrey Hillman, Assistant Professor Environmental Science School of Geosciences at University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Skinner Yearbook Orders Due April 11!

Skinner Yearbook – if students and families would like to order a yearbook with customized pages, you need to place the order by 4/11/18. See below for info!

Skinner Cares Day – Please Review

Skinner Community – TODAY, March 1, is Spring Skinner Cares Day!

Below is some of the messaging students receive today. Please read and discuss this incredible day with your student tonight. Please also open and review the specific grade-level presentations linked below and discuss the specific activities with your student.

“Today we’re going to spend the day taking a break from academics and focusing on getting to know one another on a deeper level. We’re going to participate in activities focused on strengthening our bonds through developing deeper respect and appreciation for one another.

Discussions will focus on bullying, race, orientation and privilege. These are all matters that can divide us. We know that there’s a far better chance of success when people work together than when they are divided. Our goal is build greater unity in our school community. The stronger our community, the more successful each of us will be as individuals because a strong community builds up and supports its members. It’s easier to be successful when we are built up and supported.

The student leadership class has put a lot of work into creating activities that they hope will be meaningful to you. They have had some brave conversations, particularly around race. They want to challenge you to be brave in your class discussions today. It takes a lot of bravery to engage in the conversation in a respectful and meaningful way. Many of you do that regularly. We hope all of you will challenge yourselves to do that today.

Some of the activities are very serious and so need to be taken seriously. Some of the activities will be fun but within that fun also contain a serious message. You’re going to get the opportunity to participate in a Hip Hop concert and do a little work with a Hip Hop Duo that are amazing. Some of you, through choir, have already worked with them.

We won’t be staying in our room all day as we will be moving through a variety of activities but we do need to stay together as a group. The purpose of all of these activities is to strengthen our bonds and our understanding and respect for one another even though we might be vastly different. School safety has been in the national spotlight since the Florida tragedy a couple of weeks ago. Everyone has the right to feel safe at school. We believe that the stronger our community and the more we work to make sure that everyone has a place and feels comfortable in our community, the safer we will be.”

8th Grade Presentation

7th Grade Presentation

6th Grade Presentation

Thank you for taking some time to debrief with your students!

Why do our students “Love Their School”?

February has been designated by CSC and PTO as “Love Your School” month. From strong academics to the wealth of extra-curricular programming, we truly have something special here in Northwest Denver!
Please take a look at this video for how you can help support us maintaining what we have for our children for years to come!

Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. Please click here to make an online donation today. Cash and checks gratefully accepted in the main office. Thank you again families for helping make Skinner the neighborhood school we all love.

“Something I love about Skinner is Skinner Cares Day that we have. I love it because everyone bonds with each other. We also get to relate to other people and show compassion for what others have been through.”
Destinee McLeain- 8th Grade

“I love that there are so many things to do. There is a club for every interest and talent. We have special days like celebrations, spirit week, and holiday events. I also love the people, there are people here who care about you. That is what I love about Skinner”
Jade DeCamillis – 8th Grade

“I love Skinner because of the opportunities that it gives. I also love all the teachers and staff, and how they always say good morning or good afternoon with a smile. I love that they prepare you to go to high school so once you get there you are ready to go!”
Cierra Cabazos – 8th Grade

“I love Skinner because whenever I am having a hard time with my work, I am able to go to office hours so that I can get help on my work, catch up and get good grades”
Avery Campo – 7th Grade

RJ’s drawing of his favorite teachers speaks for itself
RJ Irizarry, Jr. – 7th Grade


“I love Skinner because they work very hard to help students feel safe and they have the best staff. Skinner is a safe environment where you can report anything that is bothering you or your friends. I love Skinner so much! It’s a great school!”
Alexa Madrid – 7th Grade

“I love my school because all the kids are nice, all the teachers are nice, and because I love working and learning!”
Roman Ramirez – 7th Grade

“I love Skinner because they have so much creativity with the core classes. Also I feel like I am learning everyday because the teachers are always challenging me in many ways. Also it feels like they are making me ready for high school which feels good.”

– Aaron Rodriguez, Grade 8

“I love Skinner because all the kids are very sweet and everyone cares about each other. My favorite thing about this school is wood shop. Mr. Duran is an amazing teacher and I just love the things we do. I look forward to having wood shop next year.”
Anna Garcia – 7th Grade

“I love Skinner because of all the friends and teachers I have.  They all are very amazing.  Another great thing about Skinner is the sports and the new people I can meet!”

– Isaiah Padilla, Grade 7

“I love Skinner because the teachers push me to do my best.  At Skinner, they let you be your individual self.  I also love Skinner because it is a peaceful school and every time I walk into the building, I feel safe.  I also feel like I can talk to anyone.”

– Zion Robinson Grade 7

“I love the diversity at Skinner.  It’s cool to learn about other cultures and know people who know things about different kinds of cultures.  I also love the music program.  It’s always fun playing pieces of music you might know!”

– Lucia Reyland-Slawson Grade 8

 “I love Skinner because the community helped me realize that being myself is a great thing. They help kids here express themselves and handle things very professionally. I also love Skinner because people are friendly and the staff makes sure everyone is having a good time. Plus, Skinner has lots of fun after school programs that are always open to the kids. Skinner is amazing!”
                                                                                                                           – Arianna Montoya, Grade 7

Skinner takes FOUR 1st Place Prizes at Metro Science Fair!

Skinner’s students’ showing at the Metro Science Fair on Feb. 16 was a great accomplishment for both our students and Skinner’s Science department. We have seen the continued positive evolution of the work our department does and the outcomes we have brought to both student learning and outlooks about learning.

The hours our teachers spent preparing our budding scientists for their projects, completing the registration process and accompanying forms, providing feedback and most importantly the opportunity to be Scientists exploring their passions and curiosities will be what cements their experience as an exceedingly positive one for the rest of their lives.

Official Results are in….
Chemistry – Junior • 1st: Veronica Wolf and Preston Schmidt
Earth & Environmental Sciences – Junior • 1st: Juno Gregg
Plant Sciences – Junior • 1st: Sophie Scholl
Microbiology – Senior • 1st: Isla Anderson (former Skinner student, current North student)

Special Awards:
CU Denver STEAM Consortium – Coco Goldman
Office of Naval Research – Juno Gregg
Isla, Juno, Sophie, Veronica and Preston have been invited to attend the State Science Fair in April in Fort Collins!


Skinner Students at the Capitol

On Feb. 22 seven Skinner scholars attended the GT Legislative Day at the State Capitol Building. Two scholars were chosen to shadow a Legislator and were able to sit on the House of Representatives Floor next to their mentor. Bennett Lane’s Legislator allowed him to stand at the podium and be in charge of the gavel when the House became too loud.

Special highlights of the day included having a Skinner only group meeting with Representative Dan Pabon, a Q and A with the Sargent at Arms of the House, a chance encounter with Lobbyist Mr. Karsian (Skinner parent) who explained the role of a lobbyist and his position at the Capitol, lunch with a variety of Legislators from across the state, in which Victor Untiedt asked a question to the large luncheon group and received a response of applause from the audience. The day ended with a personalized tour of the Capitol from House Speaker Duran’s office, including the special privilege of exiting the window of the House chamber to a private balcony overlooking downtown Denver.

Special shout outs to Craig Dehning who helped chaperone this event, and to Melissa Trujillo for driving the group to and from the Capitol.

Names of students: Lucy Caldwell, Sophie Scholl, Victor Untiedt, Zach Daur, Ciaran Harding, Simon Mast, Bennett Lane








Scorpions Prep for Winter Olympics 2026!

All 13 Skinner Urban Riders students arrived in dark, cold conditions at Skinner on Saturday, Feb. 10 to head for the snowy mountains. In a partnership between Skinner, Denver Parks & Recreation, and Winter Park Ski Resort, these snowboarders participated in the first of four day trips. Despite the horrific traffic, our kids had a blast learning the basics and exceeding all expectations. They were so good, in fact, that the instructor took them on the chair lift to higher grounds, which is rare for a group of this size during their first time out. Warm and refreshed after some post-snowboarding hot chocolate, the Urban Riders were excited to get out there again in a few weeks. Thank you Dirk Boden of the Neighborhood Center at Skinner Middle School for making the incredible opportunity happen for our students

Skinner Musicians at Citywide Honor Orchestra

Skinner Orchestra students had an outstanding showing at DPS Citywide Honor Orchestra. The students listed below auditioned and were selected for Citywide. The students devoted a tremendous amount of their own time to rehearsals – Saturday morning, Feb. 3, all day Friday, Feb. 9, and Saturday morning and afternoon, Feb. 10. The performance was Saturday, Feb. 10 at 3 pm and was a tremendous experience for the musicians and audience alike! See below for photos

Amber Nguyen
Rosa Rodriguez
Chelsea Gyles
Genevieve Kuykendall
Aa’niyah Payne
Thomas Combs
Fiona Talle
Sadie Chavez Mosley
Ciriah Torrez
Alegria Reyes
Anya Nacht
Charlotte Cervantes-Dunn
Sofia Estrada
Jasmine Brambila
Lucy Caldwell
Melissa Charles
Tyler Cannon
Olivia Talle
Ellary Hammermeister
Alana Waterman

Skinner Represents at Citywide Honor Band!

Congratulations to the following students who were selected for and performed at the DPS Citywide Honor Band concert last week:

Cierra Cabazos, Ellen Clark , Luke Fleener, Coen North , Zachery Proctor, Ada Youngstrom , Evan Phelps, Jonathan Stone, Kobe Brambila, Zoe Cisney , Piper Jahn , Ian Klute, Olivia Ortiz, Aaron Pratt, Abigail Rodriguez, Eli Schwartz, Vahco Strickland, Max Taylor















“Love your School” This Month!

February has been designated by CSC and PTO as Love Your School Month 💚🦂💚. Skinner has so much to offer our students that most other middle schools don’t! From strong academics to the wealth of extra-curricular programming, we truly have something special here in Northwest Denver! Take a look at the DPS website this week – a wonderful video about Mr. Duran and our wood shop is featured! Please also click below and take a look at this video for how you can help support us maintaining what we have for our children for years to come! 

Mr. Duran and Skinner’s Wood Shop Featured in DPS Video

Skinner is proud to be the only DPS middle school offering wood shop to our students.

WATCH this DPS Features video on Mr. Duran’s commitment to providing woodworking opportunities for students at Skinner Middle School!

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