2019-20 School Year Registration & Fee Payment

2019-2020 Online Registration Verification & Fee Payment

You will receive notification and a link in mid July so that you can complete Online Student Verification. The district window for completing your online registration verification is July 15th – August 5th.  Your Skinner contact is Shalaine Lujan Ms. Lujan can be reached at SHALAINE_ABEYTA-LUJAN@dpsk12.org

Online Registration/Verification for all DPS: Opens in mid-July

Skinner Middle School’s Registration Process:

  1. Parent/Guardian must attend one of our mandatory meetings. (No grandparents or siblings unless they have guardianship). Incoming 6th Grade meetings were in April. Rising 7th and 8th grade meetings were in May. If you missed this meeting, you must contact the main office at 720-424-1420 and make arrangements to pick up your registration folder.
  2. Parent/Guardian must log-in to Parent Portal, complete and submit the online verification process for your student(s) to be registered and guaranteed a seat at Skinner for 2019-2020 school year. Date Window for Online Verification is mid-July – August. Families will receive an email reminder from DPS.
  3. All families must also complete an Online Lunch form at the end of the verification process. You have the option to complete the form and submit it or check the opt out button. (But needs to be done either way!)
  4. Everyone must have a Portal Account for 2019-2020 school year!
  5. Student Account: We will help students with student portal during 6th Grade Academy
  6. Parent Account: At least one parent/guardian must have a Portal Account!
  7. Each parent/guardian has access to set up and manage their account by going to https://myportal.dpsk12.org/Pages/Default.aspx
  8. For any questions regarding Parent Portal, you need to contact

The Parent Portal Hotline @ 720-423-3163

  1. If you do not register and complete both DPS and Skinner forms your student will not be given a schedule until this is complete.

Skinner Fees/School Supplies:

Parent/Family Responsibility:  Trapper Keeper, earbuds/headphones and pencils/pens
*no rolling backpacks, and no messenger bags

This year, families will pay their fees online using the new DPS payment system.  Fees need to be paid by August 5. You will receive a link and information to complete fee payment. Your Skinner contact is Ivonne Chavira. Ms. Chavira can be reached at IVONNE_CHAVIRA@dpsk12.org

School Fees:

$80 (Skinner Fee) + $20 (district MyTech Fee) = $100 (total)

  • $30 covers all Core class supplies → markers, paper, pens, notebooks, glue, highlighters, etc.
  • $50 covers all our activity fee → Core + (elective course) supplies, incentive based field trips, academic field
    trips, etc.
  • $20 covers our 1:1 Technology costs → this money goes to Central office
  • Fee waivers for families who qualify for Free or Reduced lunch (not information we have at the school level)
    • Please see or contact Ivonne, 720-424-1420, for support
    • The waiver will waive the $30 Core class fee, not the Activity Fee or My Tech Fee.

Optional Fees:

  • Yearbook $35
  • Skinner Gear
    • Polos – $5.00
    • Short-Sleeve T-Shirts – $10.00
    • Long-Sleeve T- Shirts – $10.00
    • Sweatshirts – $15.00

Summer Reading Opportunities: 6th-12th Grade


Did you know that all DPS students have 24/7 access to THOUSANDS of FREE eBooks and audiobooks this summer?  The DPS OverDrive eBook and audiobook collection has titles for every type of reader.  Use your DPS credentials to log in and peruse curated book collections, such as Books to Make You LOL, Culture and Equity, Narrative Nonfiction, and many more.  Visit dpsk12.lib.overdrive.com to check out our amazing collection today!


Have you snagged your library card yet?  Visit a branch of The Denver Public Library to get a free library card, which grants you access to books, technology, and services and programs for your whole family.  Visit denverlibrary.org for locations, hours, and programming.


The Denver Public Library’s Summer of Adventure program provides youth–birth-12th grade–the opportunity to read, create, and explore all summer long. Visit your nearest branch location on or after May 31st to register for the program to receive your Adventure Guide. You’ll receive a book, a prize upon completion of the program, and an opportunity to win passes to cultural institutions and entertainment centers. For more information, including reading ideas, visit denverlibraryadventures.org.



If you’re looking for something fun to do over the summer, visit http://bit.ly/2019DenverFreeDays to see a list of free days at Denver area museums. You can visit the Denver Art Museum, the Denver Botanic Gardens, the Denver Zoo, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and many more!

Las Oportunidades de Leer Durante el Verano: Grados 6-12

Libros y Audiolibros

¿Sabes que este verano todos los estudiantes de DPS tiene acceso a MILES de libros electrónicos GRATIS, en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar? Los Servicios de Biblioteca de DPS suministran acceso a una colección de libros electrónicos y audiolibros, con títulos interesantes para cada tipo de lector. Utiliza tus credenciales de DPS para explorar las colecciones especiales como libros cómicos, libros de la ciencia ficción, y libros en espaňol. ¡Visita a http://dpsk12.lib.overdrive.com para tomar prestados de esta coleccion genial!


Las Oportunidades de La Biblioteca Pública de Denver

¿Ya tienes tu tarjeta de la Bibilioteca Pública de Denver? Visita a cualquier sucursal de la Bibilioteca Pública de Denver para registrarte. La tarjeta te da acceso gratis a sacar materiales de la biblioteca, usar la tecnología, y participar en programas para toda la familia. Visite a denverlibrary.org para más información.  


El programa Verano de Aventura de la Biblioteca Pública de Denver anima a los jóvenes desde el nacimiento hasta el 12º grado a leer, crear, y explorar.  Empezando el viernes 31 de mayo, puedes inscribirte al programa en tu biblioteca local, donde recibirás una Guía de Aventura para apuntar tus actividades y un premio final una vez que te hayas completado las 12 actividades. Cada participante también será elegible para sorteos semanales para pases familiares a instituciones culturales y centros de entretenimiento en todas las sucursales. ¡Lo mejor de todo, es gratis! Para obtener más información sobre actividades de lectura, visite https://denverlibraryadventures.org/es/verano-de-aventura


Días de Entradas Gratis en Museos de Denver

Si busques algo divertido hacer este verano, visite a http://bit.do/denvergratis para ver la lista de días de entradas gratis en museos de Denver. Puedes visitar al Museo de Arte de Denver, los Jardines Botánicos de Denver, el Zoológico de Denver, el Museo de Naturaleza y Ciencia de Denver, y muchos más.

Letter from Executive Principal Michelle Koyama

Dear Lake and Skinner Middle School staff, families and students,

As we close out the 2018-19 school year, I would be remiss to not send an end of year message.  I have remained behind the scenes this year collaborating and supporting Grant Varveris, Principal of Skinner Middle School, and Amanda Stewart, Principal of Lake Middle School, as they established themselves as amazing new leaders of our schools and created the Lake-Skinner Partnership.

For the past 11 years, I have been connected to the Northwest community as a teacher, instructional coach, assistant principal, and principal.  It has been an amazing journey and I thank you for sharing your children with us, and especially me.

This past year as the Executive Principal, I split my time between Lake and Skinner Middle Schools to establish a partnership between the two schools. I have had the honor of working alongside the new leadership at Lake to establish a strong academic and social/emotional program for our students and families in the Lake neighborhood, as well as sustain the great work we have done at Skinner over the years with the new leader.  The families in NW Denver deserve to have quality options for middle school to support this, sometimes tumultuous, time of life our students experience.  I am proud to say that Lake is well on its way to make a mark in NW Denver, and Amanda Stewart and her team have great momentum to continue to build a strong program. I am also so proud of the experienced leadership Grant Varveris has brought to Skinner to sustain the good work in place and propel the school to the next level.

My intention this school year in my role as Executive Principal was to support the two principals in their transition to their roles as principal.  Another way I explained my role was “principal supervisor” and I would often get a response of, “Oh, now I get it!”  I have enjoyed this school year working with two amazing leaders.  The partnership we established will continue to be built upon, and Grant and Amanda will continue to share and push one another as leaders, for the benefit of student achievement.

Now it is time for me to transition again and continue to expand my leadership.  Beginning the 2019-20 school year, I will become the new Regional Instructional Assistant Superintendent for Northwest Denver. I will be on the new Northwest Regional Team led by the Regional Instructional Superintendent, Nicole Veltzé (former principal of Skinner Middle School and North High School) and with the other Regional Instructional Assistant Superintendent, Jesús Rodríguez (former principal at Trevista). In this new role I will continue to lead the leaders of Skinner and Lake, as well as other Northwest feeder schools. I am thrilled to continue to stay in the NW region with regional leaders who have deep roots and investment in NW Denver, and I am excited to get to work with and learn from the many other principals in NW Denver as we collectively do this amazing work of educating your children.

Thank you for your partnership in my journey,

~Michelle Koyama

Estimados personal, familias y estudiantes de Lake y la Escuela Secundaria Skinner:

Ahora que el año escolar 2018-19 llega a su fin, no quisiera dejar pasar la oportunidad de enviar un mensaje de fin de año.  He permanecido en un segundo plano este año brindando mi apoyo y colaboración a Grant Varveris, director de la Escuela Secundaria Skinner, y a Amanda Stewart, directora de la Escuela Secundaria Skinner, a medida que se han establecido como maravillosos nuevos líderes de nuestras escuelas y han creado la asociación entre Lake y Skinner.

Durante los últimos 11 años, he mantenido la conexión con la comunidad del noroeste en calidad de maestra, capacitadora de instrucción, subdirectora y directora.  Ha sido una experiencia increíble y, en lo que atañe a mi persona, les doy las gracias por confiarnos sus hijos.

Este pasado año, como directora ejecutiva, he dividido mi tiempo entre la Escuela Secundaria Lake y la Escuela Secundaria Skinner a fin de crear una alianza entre ambas escuelas. He tenido el honor de trabajar junto al nuevo liderazgo de Lake a fin de establecer un sólido programa académico y socioemocional para nuestros estudiantes y familias del vecindario de Lake, y también para continuar la maravillosa labor que hemos realizado en Skinner a lo largo de los años con el nuevo líder.  Las familias del noroeste de Denver merecen tener opciones de secundaria de calidad para apoyar estos años, en ocasiones confusos, que experimentan los estudiantes.  Me enorgullece decir que Lake está encauzada para dejar su huella en el noroeste de Denver, y Amanda Stewart y su equipo cuentan con el empuje necesario para seguir creando un sólido programa. También me siento orgullosa del experimentado liderazgo que Grant Varveris ha aportado a Skinner para continuar la buena labor establecida e impulsar a la escuela a alcanzar el siguiente nivel.

Como directora ejecutiva, mi propósito este año escolar consistió en apoyar a ambos directores en su transición a sus funciones como directores.  Otra forma de explicar mi función era decir que era “directora supervisora” y, a menudo, obtenía la siguiente respuesta: “¡Ah!, ahora lo entiendo”.  He disfrutado de trabajar con dos increíbles líderes este año escolar.  La alianza que hemos creado seguirá ampliándose, y Grant y Amanda, continuarán compartiendo y esforzándose como líderes para beneficiar los logros estudiantiles.

Llegó la hora de volver a hacer una transición y seguir ampliando mi liderazgo.  A partir del año escolar 2019-20, seré la nueva superintendente asistente de instrucción regional del noroeste de Denver. Formaré parte del equipo regional del noroeste, liderado por la superintendente de instrucción regional, Nicole Veltzé (exdirectora de la Escuela Secundaria Skinner y la Escuela Preparatoria North) y el otro superintendente de instrucción regional, Jesús Rodríguez (exdirector de Trevista). En mi nueva función, seguiré dirigiendo a los líderes de Skinner y Lake, así como también a otras escuelas del noroeste que remiten a sus estudiantes a dichos centros. Me entusiasma permanecer en la región del noroeste con unos líderes regionales tan arraigados y dedicados al noroeste de Denver, y me emociona trabajar y aprender de otros muchos directores del noroeste de Denver a medida que colaboramos para realizar esta magnífica labor de educar a sus hijos.

Gracias por formar parte de mi recorrido.

~Michelle Koyama

Scorpions Set Sail! Skinner Regatta was May 10!

The Skinner Regatta on Friday May 10th at Thomas Jefferson HS. Over 90 participants researched, designed and created boats to carry 2 passengers constructed only of cardboard and duct tape. The challenge repurposed science fair project boards and required two students to paddle to the end of the pool, unload and reload 2 new passengers and make it back to the start in the fastest time. Our Titanic themed boat took the fastest boat award and we did have a few submarines but based on the smiles of everyone in the room we all won!

Click here for video about the Skinner Regatta.

Thank you to TJ for hosting our Regatta! (North’s pool is closed due to construction).

Skinner Summer Reading Challenge

Skinner invites EVERYONE to READ, READ, READ this summer!! In addition to diving into the magical world of books, you can earn an exclusive invitation to the famous Skinner Library Sugar Fest once the next school year begins! Scroll down for more info, suggested books, and parent verification form.

Click link and print the parent verification form to keep track of books read: 2019 Summer Reading Challenge

Spring Concert & Photography Show – May 17, 5:30 pm

Please join us for our Spring Concert & Photography Show!
Friday, May 17, 5:30 – 8:00 pm
North High School
32nd and Eliot St
Performances by Skinner’s Band, Concert Band, Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra and Jazz Band.
Photography Show. Inspirational photos & postcards available for sale.

Skinner Jazz Band swings on Tennyson

Skinner’s Jazz Band performing for the community on May 3rd at the Tennyson St First Friday Art Walk


Mile High 5 is May 5th at North High

The Mile High 5 is just two weeks away!

For the Mile High 5 this year, all we ask you to do is show up. Well, show up ready to play, that is – run, walk, hop, skip or jump!. And we know you will, this village always does.

Date: May 5th
Time: 8:30 AM
Location: North High School

Fun run for the smaller ones and 5K walk/run for those wanting a little more exercise.

No need to register BUT if you want a 2019 edition t-shirt, you need to order one by this Thursday, April 25th   Shirts are $10.00.

Order through Joe Waldon at Skinner: joseph_waldon@dpsk12.org or 720-424-1426.  Please specify youth or adult shirt + size.

You can venmo payment to @Joseph-Waldon-2 or stop by Skinner with cash or check, or pay the morning of the event.

Click here for t-shirt ordering information: Mile High 5 shirt flyer

Can’t wait to see everyone!
Your Mile High 5 Crew

The Mile High 5 is low key in regard to fundraising this year since we want fundraising energy to go into the Courage Classic!

Click here and donate and/or join the “Climb for Coop” Team!

Congratulations Skinner Artists!

Skinner had 9 student art pieces selected for the DPS Citywide Middle School Art Exhibition!
The list of student included in the show are:
8th Grade: Rachel Lucero, Thu Nguyen, Britany Rangel-Valdivia, Lucy Standlee, Zoe Buck
6th Grade: Ryan Kowel, Nathaly Betancourt-Guevara, Lola Goldman & Desiree Hernandez-Award Winner from the Judges!

The Exhibit is at the DPS Cental Library. Please feel free to attend anytime during the month of April. The award ceremony will be Tuesday, April 16th. They are all amazing talented artists and we are so proud of them!

Desiree’s award wining art piece

WELCOME/ BIENVENIDOS Incoming 6th Grade Skinner Scholars, Class of 2026!


Por favor haga clic aquí para la carta en español

Dear Parents/Guardians and Incoming 6th Grade Students:

We would like to personally welcome our incoming 6th grade students and your parents/guardians to Skinner Middle School. The Skinner staff is thrilled that you have selected our school to begin the important life passage of middle school. This is a critical stage in a student’s life and it begins to shape who s/he becomes in the future. During your student’s three years as a Skinner Scholar we will ensure that each student is academically prepared for high school and college options, as well as support her/him through this adolescent transition. Students will also be able to participate in a host of Core+ (elective) courses, clubs, sports, activities, and make life-long friendships during their years at Skinner.

We have a mandatory parent/guardian meeting and fun social event planned for our incoming families. New 6th Graders Pizza and Pool Party and mandatory New Parent/Guardian Orientation. We will provide valuable information at the meeting, so please plan to attend. For last names beginning with letters A –L, please attend on Thursday, April 18, 2019 from 6-8 pm and for last names beginning with letters M – Z please attend on Thursday, April 25, 2019 from 6-8 pm. If you’re unable to attend on your assigned date, plan to attend on the other date.

Please plan to arrive promptly by 6 pm. Parents/Guardians will check your student in on the ground floor, then head the auditorium for the Orientation. Your student will enjoy pizza, swimming and games in the gym. Please bring a towel and swimsuit if your student would like to swim. The parent meeting will cover the topics below. Please use Skinner’s north (rear) entrance off of 41st Avenue for these events (look for the balloons).

The following topics will be covered during the Parent Orientation meetings on April 18 and April 25 from 6 – 8 pm:

  • 2019-20 Calendar
  • Chromebooks
  • Dress Code
  • 6th Grade Academy – Aug. 5-7, 8 am – 1:30 pm
  • Core+ (Electives) Scheduling
  • Cell Phone Policy
  • Registration & Fees
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Summer Homework
  • Prevention & Intervention/Discipline

PLEASE NOTE: Recommendations for Honors and/or accelerated courses are obtained from students’ 5th grade teachers.

2019-20 6th Grade Registration: This year, Registration will be 100% online and will open in early July. You will receive information about Registration during the summer. If you need help with Online Registration, you can come to Skinner on August 7 or 8 for assistance. Check our website for specific hours of Walk-In Registration.

Please make sure you have the following documents which may be required for Registration: your child’s birth certificate; proof of address (Xcel or water bill, mortgage statement or rental lease) and your child’s immunization record (Tdap immunization needed at age 11).

Skinner Middle School is happy to announce that we will host 6th Grade Academy on August 5- 7, 2019 (Mon-Wed) from 8:00 am – 1:30 pm. All incoming 6th graders are expected to attend. Please mark the dates on your calendar. 6th Grade Academy will jump start the transition from elementary school to a successful middle school experience.

We are looking forward to providing a smooth transition to Skinner Middle School for all incoming 6th grade students. Thank you for supporting your child’s middle school success.


Michelle Koyama            Grant Varveris

Executive Principal        Principal

Capture Your Memories in This Year’s Skinner Yearbook – Deadline April 6!

To Purchase & Customize Your 2018-2019 Skinner Yearbook

(Must be a parent or student 13 years or older)

Go to www.treering.com/validate
Enter your school’s passcode: 1014103592642212

Regular Price: $35.00
Deadline: April 6

  • Customize Your 2 Free Pages – Add photos from your computer, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive & more.
  • Answer fun Memory Questions to help remember the year.
  • The 2 Custom Pages are FREE and are printed ONLY in your book. Want more pages? Each additional 2 pages is just $0.99.

Haga clic en ella para el folleto español

National School Social Worker Week-Meet Mr. Waldon

This week is National School Social Worker Week! Joe Waldon is Skinner’s incredible social worker. This is his 11th year at Skinner and 18th year in DPS.

Mr. Waldon is truly one of the very best social workers in the entire state of CO, if not the US. He lives right in the neighborhood, just a few blocks from Skinner. He provides so much to our Skinner family and is the backbone of the school.

Mr. Waldon leads our amazing P&I Team (Prevention & Intervention). He develops deep, trusting relationships with students, families and staff. He teaches our students important lessons about mental health, supports students, families and staff who are experiencing serious issues, marginalization, acute and chronic stress and much more. Mr. Waldon hosts a working group every summer to fine-tune our P&I Manual.

He also organizes summer staff hikes and hosts many staff gatherings in his beautiful home.

THANK YOU Mr. Waldon! Skinner truly would not be the incredible place that it is without you and we are unbelievably lucky to have you!

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