Awards! Awards!! Awards!!!

Senator’s Recognition Award

On March 26th, three Skinner Scholars were honored at the Denver Puppet Theatre and awarded the Senator’s Recognition Award, sponsored by Senator Lucia Guzman. The winners were awarded a cash price as well as gift certificates by State Representative Dan Pabon. The award winners representing Skinner were:

  • 6th grade: Gregory Anderson
  • 7th grade: Elena Barragan
  • 8th grade: Vanessa Aguilar-Loarca

Safe City Awards

On April 12th, The Safe City Youth Leadership team awarded two scholarships at this year’s Safe City Youth Conference. Only two scholarships were given – and Skinner Scholars received both!  To enter, students were asked to submit an essay, poem, artwork or music piece to the Youth Leadership team that explained what this year’s theme, “If Not Me, Then Who Will Follow the Beat to My Song?” meant to them, as well as an explanation of how the scholarship will help them obtain higher education.

The first award was a $500.00 scholarship in memory of community activist Walt Beckert. This award was awarded to Skinner 8th Grader Hugo Burciaga.

The second award was a $250.00 scholarship from College in Colorado and the recipient was Kolette Lavoy, also an 8th grader.

Skinner has participated in the Hope Scholarship program ( for the past several years and Skinner is pleased to continue to be able to provide this opportunity to the students (6th, 7th, & 8th grade). Teachers nominated students in one of two categories :

1) Academic Achievement- Student must have a progress indicator of 4-‘exceeds expectations’

2) Most Improved- Student must demonstrate a steady and marked improvement in his/her progress indicator, moving from either a U-unsatisfactory or PP-Partially Proficient to P proficient.

Students are required to complete an essay, project (poem, artwork etc.), community service form, and parent questionnaire. Winning students receive a $500 investment scholarship, a trophy, and their parents receive free college credits toward their own education. In addition, the winners and all nominees will be recognized at a school-wide assembly on April 24.

Good Luck to our Scholars!

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