6th Graders Off to a Great Start!

6th Grade Academy participants

6th Grade Academy participants

More than 100 6th graders attended 6th Grade Academy which ran from 8:00 a.m. until noon every day the week of August 13th.

Students spent time doing teambuilding exercises to help them get to know each other and their teachers; took practice tests; received their agendas and learned how to use them; learned their way around their new school and perhaps most importantly, received their locker assignments and learned how to operate the combination locks.

Even though it signaled the end of summer, students were wild about 6th Grade Academy. “The scavenger hunt was really fun.  It helped us learn about the school, our teachers and meet new friends” said Angelina Martinez.

Deangelo Gonzales agreed, “I liked meeting the teachers.  It was amazing!”

Ms. Goebel, 6th grade Language Arts teacher explained, “We love 6th Grade Academy because it really eases the transition to middle school and gets our students started on the right foot.”

“The week really gave my daughter a great starting point for 6th grade – it decreased her stress about starting a new school and allowed her to meet new kids and all of her teachers.  She had a great week and loved it all,” reported Melanie Beaton parent, 6th grade student

Students, teachers and teachers agree: Skinner’s 6th grade is off to a great start!

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