6th Grader wins National Poetry Contest

Congratulations to Elyse Hatch-Rivera!  Her poem “Vanish” was chosen as one of the top ten poems of the 2012 Creative Communications’ Fall Poetry Contest.

Ms. Frahm, our 6th grade Language Arts teacher, submitted over 40 6th grade poems to Creative Communications and of those, 28 were selected and published.  Considering that this was a national contest with over 10,000 entries, we are proud not only of Elyse for receiving this honor but also proud of all of the Skinner poets selected.

Elyse said her poem was inspired after class discussions dealing with minority rights.  She credits her teachers Ms. Frahm and Ms. Hale with their support and inspiration.

When asked, Elyse had this to say about poetry, “Poetry is a way for me to express myself.  What I can’t capture in words I can capture on a piece of paper”.

Check out Elyse’s poem below:


She says, she’s fine,
She says, she’s happy,

All I see

is a broken soul wandering away
down an endless crossroad

She says, she’s confident,
She says, she’s happy,

All I see

is a girl slowly slipping away
from her own world

She says, she’s content,
She says, she’s happy,

All I see

is a fragile dandelion blown

All I see now is a stem
left behind.

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