45 Students Attend the Colorado Science Olympiad Competition

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February 22nd was the culmination of weeks of hard work in preparing Skinner students for our second Colorado Science Olympiad, a state-wide competition held in Fort Collins that fosters science excellence.  As the only middle school representative from Denver Public Schools, 45 of our Skinner Scholars approached the events with a strong effort and a can-do attitude.  The competition consisted of 23 different events.  There were “build-it” events where students were tasked with building helicopters, boomilevers (a fixed position crane), mouse trap propelled vehicles and even rotors designed to bring a raw egg safely to the ground without damage.  Masters events were also a part of the day and in these events students had to prepare for performance tasks and paper and pencil assessments in the fields of human anatomy, entomology, meteorology, chemistry and experimental design.  At the end of the day we returned to Skinner knowing not only that we had a great time but that we are now considered experts in our respective fields.  Official results to come shortly!

Christopher Martin – 7th grade Science Teacher


UPDATE!  March 14, 2014

We are so proud to congratulate the following Skinner Scientists for placing at the Colorado Science Olympiad, and congratulations to all 45 of our Scientists for their incredible performance at the Olympiad.

  • Out of the total of 37 teams, the team of Jackie Montero & Kevin Padilla took 9th place in Meterology!
  • Out of the total of 37 teams, the team of Avery Ahern, Glenn Holzhauer & Angel Martinez took 9th place in Experimental Design!
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