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The Neighborhood Center at Skinner  –  Community Connects Update

When Justin Ferrell of the FBI came, we learned how to become a FBI agent. To become a FBI agent, you have to be 23 to 37 years old or be a veteran, have a bachelor’s degree in art, science, or law. You have to be citizen and have a U.S. driver’s license. Next, they encourage people from the police and military forces to apply. They prefer people who have a Bachelors in Science and Arts but all are acceptable. Before you become a FBI agent, and after they recruit you, you go to an FBI training. They learn things such as history and their rules and they use Hogan’s Alley for training a field. We learned that it can be hard, but it shows you how to be safe during missions.

He also taught us how the training and the typical day as an agent is. A typical day can vary from chasing down a criminal to sitting in the office doing paperwork. One surprising thing we learned is that you are taught to end the threat when others’ lives are at risk. Meaning that you can’t kill a criminal with a gun unless your or someone else’s life is in danger.

Some things that we enjoyed learning was the steps during training. He taught us how in a portion of the training you have to take a physical fitness test. Another cool thing that we learned was that you have to learn to fight. We also learned that SWAT is a volunteering job. It can also be mandatory sometimes.

-Written by Community Connects students: Henry Zerwas, Julian Castro, Tiyanna Dennis, Francisco Alvarado, Elena Farrell-Stevenson

FBI visit

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