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2015 Skinner Science Fair Results

Skinner Middle School is pleased to announce the winners of our 2015 Science Fair! Science Fair was Tuesday, December 8, 2015. All of our student scientists worked extremely hard on their projects and we are very proud of each and every student.  Below is the list of winners and photos.  Good luck at the DPS District-wide Science Fair, Scholars!

8th Grade

1st Place – Isla Anderson – The effects of water contamination on the microbiome of a Stalk Eyed fly (Teleupsis Dalmanni)

2nd Place – Esther Cornish – The effect that “No Burn” fire retardant, acetic acid, and powdered lead have on Caddis flies mortality rate

3rd Place – Lindsey Pratt – The effects of pin pressure on the irritability of June Bride Fuchsia filaments.


7th Grade

1st Place – Grace Even: How does a natural or artificial habitat affect which fish prefer?

2nd Place – Samantha Wilkins and Maddie Allen: How does gender affect the ability to recall the appearance of a color pattern?

3rd Place – Maile Kilen- How do plants affect the amount of carbon dioxide in a classroom?

Creativity Award – Yuliangel Dominguez: How do different chemicals affect the weight of chicken bones?

Grit Award – Dominic Calderon: How does music genre affect how loud it is?


6th Grade

1st Place – Anika Miller and Ava Gelin- The effect of age and gender on smell

2nd Place – Sophie Scholl- The effects of exercise type on concentration

3rd Place – Ben Giesen – Liquid Erosion

Grit Award – Doceline Perez-Torres- The effects of dog food type on preference

Creativity Award –  Zach Proctor- Resistance of River Bacteria to Motor Oil



Top 10 from each grade


2015 Winners


School-wide Award Assembly

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RIF at Skinner!

Next week, the week of December 14th – 18th, Skinner will host its annual Reading is Fundamental book distribution event! EVERY SKINNER STUDENT will receive a FREE book over the course of three days. Students will come down with their language arts classes on their assigned day. Click here for more information on RIF –

RIF photo

December Newsletter Available Now!

Please click here to view the December Skinner Scoop!

Haga clic aquí para ver el diciembre Skinner Scoop!  Newsletter December-ESPANOL

Skinner Winter Arts Nights! Dec. 15 & 16

Winter Arts Night – Drama takes place on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm in the Auditorium

Drama Performance – Beowulf: Use Friendly & Visual Arts Exhibition

ABOUT THE PLAY: After an entire class fails the exam on Beowulf, their stern teacher issues a challenge — tell her the famous story. Include the characters, action, themes, and history, and you might just pass. The students concoct a retelling of the tale in a way that is relevant, accurate and absurdly hilarious, producing a special newscast à la CNN, complete with reporters, video images and interviews. With Monty Python-esque humor at Hrothgar’s mead-hall to light-hearted teasing of the teacher (who could have been born in the Middle Ages herself!), students explore Beowulf with biting sarcasm and amusing stage action. If you thought Grendel’s mother butchered the Danes, get ready for monstrous laughter with the butchering of the epic poem Beowulf!                                     Written by Burton Bumgarner


Winter Arts Night – Music takes place on Wednesday, December 16, 2015 from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm in the Auditorium

Performances by the Orchestra, Band and Jazz Band Visual Arts Exhibition

Both events are free – donations will be accepted

arts night

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