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Summer SAFE Camp Applications Available Now! Deadline-May 1!

Summer Academic Focused Education Program (SAFE) are five week-long summer programs for rising 7th and 8th grade students (limited to 30) which are held on the various campuses of local universities.  These programs are held during the summer at the following postsecondary institutions (transportation via DPS) with their respective academic foci:

  • University of Colorado at Boulder—Business & entrepreneurship and aerospace engineering foci;
  • Colorado School of Mines—Engineering focus;
  • Colorado State University—Veterinary Medicine, agricultural science, natural resources, computer animation, construction management and fine arts foci;
  • University of Colorado at Denver—Architecture & Urban Design focus.

Applications are due on Friday, May 1, 2015.  Please click her for application and more information: SAFE Program Description 2015

  1. Summer Academic Focused Education Program (SAFE) son cinco programas de una semana cada una para estudiantes entrando a los grados 7 o 8 (limitados a 30) en universidades local.  Estos programas (transporte a los programas es a través de DPS) a las universidades que siguen:
  • Universidad de Colorado en Boulder—Enfocado en negocios y estudios empresariales y ingeniería aeroespacial
  • Escuela de Minas de Colorado—Enfocado en estudios de ingeniería;
  • Universidad Estatal de Colorado (CSU) — Enfocado en medicina veterinaria, sciencia agricultura, resources naturales, animación por ordenador, manejo de construcción y artes finos; y
  • Universidad de Colorado en Denver—Enfocado en Arquitectura y Diseño Urbano.

SAFE Program Description 2015 (Espanol)

Student Wins Keep Denver Beautiful Poster contest!

Congratulations to 6th grader Madison Allen on winning the  The 2015 Keep Denver Beautiful Poster Contest!
Students in Denver, grades 3-8 are asked to design a poster about litter in their community and what they can do about keeping their neighborhood Litter Free.   Maddie won the Middle School category with her fantastic poster design.  Click here for more information.
Skinner 1st Place - Madison Allen

Skinner wins CenturyLink Grant!

Congratulations to Ms. Nenni, 6th grade math teacher, on being awarded a Colorado CenturyLink Teachers and Technology Grant!!! Ms. Nenni and Skinner have been awarded nearly $5,000 to purchase iPad minis to use in Skinner math classes!

Click here to read more about the CenturyLink grant program.

Nenni Century Link check

DPS Parent Satisfaction Survey – your help is needed!

Parents and Guardians,

As it was mentioned in the April Newsletter, it is time for the annual Parent Satisfaction Survey.  Your responses and return rate impact our School Performance Framework (SPF) rating so we thank you ahead of time for completing this survey.

To help ensure a high return rate, students are being offered a free dress day for the Learning Families with 90% and higher return rate.  There are two ways we will track returns: 1) Your student bringing the survey back to school (sealed) in the envelope provided or 2) if you use the mailing option as described on the form, the learning family mentor will be contacting you to verify it was mailed.

Here are a few more logistical items regarding the survey:

  • Some students will get more than 1 survey (if they live in multiple households).
  • Some students won’t get a survey (a sibling has been designated to get one for that family).
  • Some students will take home a Spanish survey based on the information about language preference when you registered for school.
  • Learning Families with 90% and higher return rate by Friday, April 17th will earn a free dress day on Monday, April 20th.

Thank you for your feedback!

Message about school evacuation – Tuesday, April 14

This is a message from Principal Koyama at Skinner Middle School:

This afternoon at about 1 p.m. our school received a report that a student had an explosive device in the school. All students and staff immediately evacuated the building, and Denver Police, Denver Fire and DPS Safety and Security responded to our school. Authorities quickly determined there was no explosive device in the school, and students and staff safely returned to the building.

Again, our school was evacuated for a short time this afternoon due to a possible explosive device in our school. Police quickly determined that was not the case, and we returned to the building.

Thank you for your continued support, and please let me know if you have any questions.


Este mensaje es de la directora Koyama de la Escuela Secundaria Skinner:

Esta tarde, alrededor de la 1 p.m., la escuela recibió un aviso de que un estudiante tenía un artefacto explosivo en la escuela. Todos los estudiantes y el personal evacuaron el centro inmediatamente, y la Policía de Denver, el Departamento de Bomberos y el Departamento de Seguridad y Protección de DPS acudieron a nuestra escuela. Las autoridades determinaron que no había ningún artefacto explosivo en la escuela, y los estudiantes y el personal regresaron de forma segura a la escuela.

De nuevo, nuestra escuela fue evacuada durante un breve período esta tarde debido a la posible presencia de un artefacto explosivo en nuestra escuela. La policía determinó rápidamente que este no era el caso y regresamos al edificio.


Gracias por su continuo apoyo y no duden en hablar conmigo si tienen alguna pregunta.

Letter from Principal Koyama on today’s lockdown

Skinner Community – please click below for a letter from Principal Koyama on today’s lockdown.  Our deepest appreciation to you, our Skinner Family, for your tremendous support during today’s difficult events.

41015 lockdown

Community Connects – Working for the FBI

The Neighborhood Center at Skinner  –  Community Connects Update

When Justin Ferrell of the FBI came, we learned how to become a FBI agent. To become a FBI agent, you have to be 23 to 37 years old or be a veteran, have a bachelor’s degree in art, science, or law. You have to be citizen and have a U.S. driver’s license. Next, they encourage people from the police and military forces to apply. They prefer people who have a Bachelors in Science and Arts but all are acceptable. Before you become a FBI agent, and after they recruit you, you go to an FBI training. They learn things such as history and their rules and they use Hogan’s Alley for training a field. We learned that it can be hard, but it shows you how to be safe during missions.

He also taught us how the training and the typical day as an agent is. A typical day can vary from chasing down a criminal to sitting in the office doing paperwork. One surprising thing we learned is that you are taught to end the threat when others’ lives are at risk. Meaning that you can’t kill a criminal with a gun unless your or someone else’s life is in danger.

Some things that we enjoyed learning was the steps during training. He taught us how in a portion of the training you have to take a physical fitness test. Another cool thing that we learned was that you have to learn to fight. We also learned that SWAT is a volunteering job. It can also be mandatory sometimes.

-Written by Community Connects students: Henry Zerwas, Julian Castro, Tiyanna Dennis, Francisco Alvarado, Elena Farrell-Stevenson

FBI visit

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