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Skinner scholars show off science skills

Skinner Science Fair winnersSkinner scholars showed off their science skills at last week’s Skinner Science Fair. Students submitted some excellent projects and made impressive presentations.  Winners to congratulate include:

6th grade

  • 1st place – Dorian Earnest
  • 2nd place – Clara Fiero and Cindy Fuentes
  • 3rd place – Milena Kilen

7th grade

  • 1st place – Maya Stone & Avery Ahern
  • 2nd place – Ben Waters
  • 3rd place – Hannah Murrel

8th grade

  • 1st place – Kollette Lavoy
  • 2nd place – Dominique Maes
  • 3rd place – Nate Buntin

All of us are grateful to the volunteers who generously gave their time and skills to judge the competition – we couldn’t have done it without you!

We are expecting three 6th graders, ten 7th graders and twenty-five 8th finalists and science honor students to advance to the Denver Metro Science Fair at the Museum of Nature and Science on February 27th.  Because the participation and transportation costs for each student total $25, we are looking for donations to ensure all of our scientifically minded students can participate – for more information on how to help, please contact Brittnee Kidder-Davis at 720-424-1435 or 303-905-3345.

Many thanks to everyone who made the 2012 Skinner science fair a big success – we’re looking forward to an even better one next year!



Robotics students on a roll at Salvagetti bike shop

Did you know that Skinner Middle School has a “Junk Drawer Robotics” class at the Neighborhood Center after school? And they get to do really cool stuff?

This Robotics class visited our new neighborhood bike shop, Salvagetti, for a demonstration on how bicycles work about a week ago.  Phillip Brown, Service Manager, taught our Skinner Scholars about the different parts and functions of bikes, and gave an in-depth tutorial on gears.

The purpose of the Junk Drawer Robotics program is to expose students to different ways they can build functional robots using household and desk drawer items.  The visitation to the bike shop coincided with a two-week lesson plan about gears and gear ratios.  The students were really excited about the short field trip and are eager to put their new concepts and insight into practical use!

Watch out for these future engineers and more good stuff to come from Heather and the 4-H crew!!!

Wed. is Skinner Arts Night!

On Wednesday, December 19th at 6:30 p.m. Skinner Scholars will show off their many talents at Skinner’s Arts Night.  Please come and enjoy both a drama performance and performances by the band and orchestra.  Student art work from the semester will also be on display.

6:30- 7:15 p.m.: The Adventures of Rose Red centers around Rose Red , Snow White’s lesser-known sister.  All of your favorite fairy tale characters come alive in this modern twist.  This is a play the whole family can enjoy.

7:30-8:15 p.m. Musical performances by Skinner’s Band and Orchestra

We think you will be proud and amazed with the talent and dedication that current Skinner students have to offer. Please come and enjoy the arts this coming Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at your neighborhood middle school.


Skinner Teen Ambassadors set up 2nd Annual Giving Tree for Mount Saint Vincent children

The Neighborhood Center’s Teen Ambassador group has worked for two weeks to set up a Giving Tree for the abused and neglected students at Mount Saint Vincent Home ( just a few blocks from our school.

The Giving Tree – located in the main office of the Neighborhood Center Room 24 – has one ornament per Mount Vincent child identifying needs and wants for gifts. We are asking members of the Skinner community to donate a personalized gift for children in need of a joyful holiday. Please stop by the office to look over the ornaments and see what you can do to help these children.

All gifts MUST be returned with the ornament to the Neighborhood Center office no later than Friday December 14th 2012. Please take an ornament ONLY if you are able to donate a gift. Please make sure to sign out your ornament before removing it. Gifts may be returned with or without wrapping, please make sure ornament is securely attached and visible.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Heather Versailles at or at 720-424-1450. Please forward this information to anyone you think may be interested in participating.

On behalf of Mount Saint Vincent Home and the Teen Ambassadors of Skinner Middle School, THANK YOU!


Science Fair on Wednesday

You are cordially invited to the Skinner Scholar Science Fair Night on Wednesday, December 12th at from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.

We could be nurturing the next Albert Einstein or Marie Curie, so don’t miss our Skinner scholars’ science projects  We’re very proud of the work our students have been doing on projects like:

  • How does elevation effect air pressure? Students measured inflated ballots at different elevations and have findings to report.
  • How does nutrition information on menus effect eating habits?  tudents devised an online survey to select dinners from a menu providing caloric info. at random by the food items.
  • How does throwing technique effect football pass completion? Students used a variety of foot positions, arm techniques and distances to to test the effects on hitting a target.

We fully expect for some of our students’ projects to once again advance to the DPS-wide Science Fair and beyond.

Projects will be set up in the west gym and other places for viewing, so come geek out with us next Wednesday night at 5:30 p.m.!

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